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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Bonnie, Anna, and Paul began their journey home at 2 AM in Reghin heading for Cluj for their first leg of their air journey. All went well in Cluj. Thanks for your prayers. In Budapest, Bonnie and Anna said goodbye to Paul. Pray for him as he stays an extra week working at another camp. Bonnie and Anna flew from Budapest to Paris. No problems at all in Paris--according to Bonnie smooth.

The wheels came of the bus in Atlanta or at least on their way to Atlanta. The Delta flight was late. No seats on the remaining three flights to Greenville. This meant an option: Stay over night in Atlanta and fly out the next day or call Floyd for to come pick them up. They choose to call Floyd. A friend in Atlanta, Brian, picked them up at the airport and met Floyd between Atlanta and Greenville. After a drive by the Greenville airport at midnight to check on luggage, Anna and Bonnie arrived home. A real shower, a soft bed, and in the morning a hot cup of real coffee--man this is living.

Luggage was not so fortunate. The luggage that the Delta rep. promised could be picked up in Atlanta last night apparently did not know what she was talking about. Two other Delta reps later told us the opposite. Good news is that the luggage will come today by Delta to Greenville. The luggage spent the night in Atlanta even if Bonnie and Anna did not.

Thank you for your prayers through out the past 18 days. Anna still has the journey back through Atlanta to home in Nashville. Again, thank you for encouragement and support.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday: Last Day and On Way Home

Sunday was a day of goodbyes. The team visited Gornesti, Reghin, and Apalina. Not sure about Filpisu Mic. They enjoyed two feasts prepared by Adel Toth. In Apalina, they worshiped outside on the property that we pray by next year will be their new home for the church. Attila, Adel and the church are waiting on final government approval to begin construction. The goal is to lay the foundation this summer. Depending on funding and the weather, they hope to finish construction by next spring.

In October, Attila and Adel will be visiting partners in the US as God leads. Please pray for this opportunity for them. Paul did a great job at the camp and in building strong relationships with the people of Gornesti and Apalina. Anna was at home as always.

Just got word that Bonnie, Anna, and Paul had checked their bags in Cluj, Romania headed for Budapest. Paul will remain in Budapest for another week. Bonnie and Anna are on their way home. They are excited that their bags were checked all the way from Cluj to Greenville. They asked your prayers as they go through Budapest at Midnight EST and Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris around 6-7:30 AM EST. Remember Paul in your prayers as he continues ministry in Hungary.

Attila's computer had problems so that they could not send pictures. As soon as they get home, the pictures will start coming. You will be able to check photo albums on the Teleios Ministry Facebook page.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement. Plans have already begun for next year. Corneal and Mimi have already invited the children and team back for next year.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday: The Last Full Day

Today was the last full day for Gypsy Camp 2010. The children had a great day on a hike during the morning. Tonight they had a bonfire that they really enjoyed. The sun came out again today and made for a beautiful day.

Tomorrow everyone heads home. They leave in the morning for Gornesti. Usually this is a five hour ride by bus. Pray for everyone as they travel home. Bonnie, Anna, and Paul will return to Reghin with Attila and Adel. These have been two great but challenging weeks. The team promises some great pictures. Hopefully, tomorrow they will start sending pictures of the camp so that they can be posted.

Thank you for making it possible to share Christ's love, to teach the truth of his word, to worship Him, and to learn about His creation. The children and staff can have a great time throughout the entire week.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday: The Sunshine

Thank you for your prayers. No rain today! The sky was overcast for most of the day but by the late afternoon the sun came out. God provided on just the right day. Today was the day that the children made their kites. Every child's kite flew today. They were all so excited. Bonnie said they just keep coming to her and putting their thumbs up with big smiles and laughter--the only English they know. Everyone was excited to see the sun.

The team was not aware of the marathon Wimbledon tennis match but they had their own beach ball volleyball marathon. Over two hours of non-stop, action packed, beach ball volleyball with the children and team. They had a great time. Bonnie and Anna report mud up to your knees. One of the neighbors is providing water. The interesting thing is that the neighbor was not happy about the property being used for the camp. Now, is providing water for the children. The team was laughing about how much the children are eating. No exaggeration but most of these children do suffer from a real lack of food/nourishment. They seem to be stocking up for the winter even though its the beginning of summer.

The children are really understanding the Bible stories, loving the music, and enjoying the learning opportunities.

Bonnie, Anna, and Paul report that when they get home they are going to shower until the water runs out--this team is not thinking green. They have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor for both camps. Waiting on Anna to get a picture of Bonnie crawling out of bed in the morning.

Again thanks for your prayers. With all that is going on, the children are being taught God's word, are hearing the message of Jesus Christ, and are being loved daily in His name. Since they never get to leave their village, they are having their greatest adventure.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday: Water, Water Everywhere

Today was water day at camp. The rain continues to come down. Desperate souls are longing for the great outdoors. The camp has so much water now that the well is under water. Water, Water, everywhere and not a drop to drink! Showers are now officially over for the rest of camp or so it seems. Bathrooms are closing down--too much water.
How ironic is this that they have to go to a neighbors and get water for the children and staff.

But this is the great line of the day. "The children are great. Even with the water, we are having a great time." The bible study, music, lessons, and crafts continue to go great. No opportunity to get outside for adults or children. Temperature according to meteorologist, Bonnie, is 50's during the day. At that moment in her backyard in Greenville the temperature was warming into the 90's.

The team had hoped to sleep in this morning. But, the children forgot to get the message and were ready to eat at the "regular" time. Seems Paul decided to get up and get breakfast going. The children were happy to get up and start eating. Only three more days of camp.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the children, team, and other volunteers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday: Great Time, Rain, and Muddy Water

So much to share tonight. Bonnie, Anna, and Paul were able to get some time for their Romanian cellphone--we are connected! Paul continues to work on his Hungarian and his partners in trouble are working on their English. It seems some of the other staff do not appreciate 1:30AM Hungarian/English Improvement Sessions. Paul is mentoring/discipling a young man (Gypsy-Roma)from Gornesti. Bonnie reports this is really going well.

Big news! The water turned muddy today. So, no water for the showers and other things until its fixed. But, God continues to bring plenty of water from above. Bonnie shared that the 10 mile hike tomorrow had to be cancelled. She and Anna were so disappointed!

A young women from Gornesti is helping with this children's camp. Her name is Szidi and she is doing a great job. Bonnie and Anna said that she is really helping.

Attila informed Bonnie today that you did not eat eggs with Mamaliga--(yellow corn meal grits). Man where are you from? Oh, yeah, A Hungarian ethnic Romanian. In South Carolina we eat everything from eggs to shrimp with our grits--oh, yeah, mamaliga. In fact, Attila's first breakfast when he gets to Greenville is going to be yellow grits, eggs, sausage, and tomatoes (that's another story).

Again thank you for your prayers, this camp has been exciting in many ways. One of the most is seeing the development in Jesus of those who are now serving with the camps. This truly is a blessing to see lives change in this way.

Saturday Sunday: Saying Goodbye and Welcome

After a challenging start to the camp everything has settled down as much as it can. The routine set in with a refreshing shower by midnight and up around 6 AM for the team to start the day preparing breakfast. The Apalina children have exceeded all expectations in how well the camp has gone. Saturday was the last full day for them and they had a great time. The bus arrived mid-day Sunday with a new group of Gypsy children and the Apalina group left. When the Apalina children arrived back at the village, Adel Toth said they were so excited to tell about camp. The children ran off the bus without their things. They just scattered. She had to get them all back for the distribution.

The new group comes from the villages that Zoltan and Abigail Dohi serve. Also, new volunteers to help arrived with this group. Bonnie's good friend, Eddie, the lone follower of Jesus in his village came. These children are much calmer than the Apalina children. Big Surprise! Bonnie and Anna were in bed and showered when they received their regular late night call for an update a little after 11 PM. The camp construction is winding down with last minute details and touches. The team says that it has great pictures. Hopefully by this Sunday, we will get to post some of them.

Bonnie, Anna, and Paul said that they are having to adjust to a less challenging situation. Strange that they now of missing some of the challenge. From their voices, it sounds like they could use a little less challenge. The challenge just might have kept their minds off how tired they were.

Food is great, lots of water, and great times with the children and volunteers. They did say that they were getting rain everyday. Thank you for your continued prayers for the camp.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Shower--ice cold shower--but the first showers of the week. Bathrooms are operational. Food is flowing. Life is good. The children made kites today. They all 47 kites were flying. The day was a little longer today. Bonnie ended the day by sharing about the Light of the World. The team can't wait to share the photos; but, that will be a week. For now words. Bonnie, Anna, and Paul are joined by Adel who is from Tirgu Mures but a member of the Reghin church. Attila and Adel Toth, the partners who serve in Apalina, are leading the group. They are really enjoying the time with the children.

The first camp ends Sunday morning and the second camp begins Sunday afternoon. We will try to keep you updated as possible. The camp is almost finished. At least to the point that the children and leaders can enjoy it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Monday-Thursday: Catching up

Wow has this been a challenging camp. Of course, the children loved it. As far as keeping up with the blog. There is no Internet, limited cell service, and at times no electricity. Good news is that one cell phone is working.
Monday: Arrived at camp in the afternoon, the camp was not ready for the children. No food, no water, and one of the buildings was not ready. The children were great according to all reporting parties--Bonnie, Anna, and Paul. The children got into the camp and into bed a little after 11 PM. As they were all getting settled, a monster storm came through. Bonnie reports wet adults but not too bad. For our team, their "rooms" were closet size. Great news is that Paul Crook's Hungarian arrived with him. So, this has been a great help.

Tuesday: Can you say, "10 MILE HIKE". Yes, a ten mile hike in the beautiful Carpathian mountains. Still no prepared food--well the children enjoyed chicken pate sandwiches. The Adults ate whatever snacks they could dig from their belongings. Still no water at camp. While the team and children--47 children-- hiked the workers at the camp continued to try and get it ready for the children. On the hike, Bonnie, Anna, and Paul used innovation and taught the children what they had prepared. Also, there was the opportunity to swim. Bonnie reported that the mountains and streams were beautiful. The storm cleared the air and it was a beautiful day. There was a brief moment of water when they arrived at the camp. Some electricity was available for lighting.

Wednesday: Things continue to improve with each day at the camp. They have now moved into part of the new building. The water situation was because a new well was being drilled. The team was upbeat today as there was hope of water. Also, they now had a bathroom. Bottled water and food was purchased in the nearby town (village). They celebrated with a delicious meal of spaghetti. The children are really enjoying the sessions. Paul brought videos of the earth. With electricity, they now have sound and video. The showers returned late afternoon so no outside activity. Bonnie, Anna, and Paul were really pleased at how the children responded to the indoor games and how well this went.

Thursday: The hope of water and a shower were dashed as the new pipes had a leak. This is supposed to be repaired at any moment--team reports the moments have lasted all day and now to bedtime. Those working on the floors are working at night so the buildings can be used during the day. This work is to be finished today. Life is getting better. Bonnie reports that the children are doing great--so much better than expected. Given the conditions at the camp, their behavior is miraculous. The team thanks you for your prayers--seriously. Pray for water.

Tomorrow brings Kite day. Pray for a good day to fly kites. Pray for the water--rumor has that ice cold sponge baths are wearing thin. Paul said, "No one would believe this! Even if we tell them and show them the pictures." I don't think that Bonnie is going to give up the camera. Talking with the team on the phone, its good to hear them laughing about the events. Speaks so much to their spirit and heart to serve the children.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday: Worship

Day 1 -
Sorry it's taken us a long time to blog. We have been getting oriented and acclaimated, and also organizing for camp. It was 100 degrees here today and yesterday, and we are melting. But regardless of the heat, we had a wonderful day today. We worshiped in all four of Attila's churches today, beginning with our friends in Gornesti.There is a lot of church growth there in Gornesti with all of the new babies. We ate lunch in Sandor's garden as you can see in the picture. After a wonderful lunch, we headed to Filpisu Mic. There, we met with the faithful three members. Then, we went to Reghin, and lastly Apalina. Among each congregation, we enjoyed sharing and leading worship. Bonnie shared scripture and brought greetings from her family and friends and Anna brought Katie's greetings and sang with Paul. After singing, Paul gave the message. With each sermon delivered, Paul became more confident in his Hungarian. We are being delayed one day for camp due to construction there, so please pray that everything will go smoothly from here on out. The children are so excited and promise to be on their best behavior.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Arrived in Reghin

Bonnie, Anna, and Paul arrived in Reghin this afternoon. The trip over was with no problem--"too easy". Adel prepared a delicious meal. Attila was excited to have the team with them. Anna went with Adel and Attila to a youth meeting in Reghin. Tomorrow they start the finishing touches to the Gypsy Children's Camp. Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Bonnie Parker, Anna Horne, and Paul Crook left today for Romania. They will be joining Attila and Adel Toth in providing two weeks of Gypsy Children's Camp. The Teleios Team are in the air on their way to Budapest. They will fly from Budapest to Tirgu Mures, Romania. They will spend Friday through Sunday getting ready for the camps. On Monday, June 14, they begin the bus ride to the camp near Sibiu, Romania. Approximately 45 children from the Apalina Gypsy (Roma)area of Reghin will attend the first camp.

There will be few if any pictures and daily updates. There is no internet service near the camp and sometimes the phone connections are not good. As best is possible the team will try to keep you updated for your prayers.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. Oh, as of last week, there was still some snow on the ground in the area. Hmmm one of the activities is usually to dam up the stream and swim in it. Brrrrr! Pray for all of them for a great week and that our Lord will be lifted up and glorified.