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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unbelievable Day with the Churches and Women Who Serve in Them

The day was a day filled with emotion as we visited 4 churches within the Keini West zone: Shalom, Ruiria, Kiwaria and Labura.  We had asked to meet with them in order to better understand the challenges they face each day as they live out who they are in Jesus Christ. We have been asked by leaders in the area to help them continue to grow as women of God and in order to do this in an appropriate way we felt we needed to know the women better.

In all four churches we heard how the women have worked together to provide land, the chairs, podiums and all the possessions such as utensils and plates that are used.  As we heard their stories and realized that they carry the work of the churches our hearts were moved.  The pastors and the few male members are very supportive of the women’s desire to learn more about the God they serve, how they can grow into more spiritually mature believers and establish stronger fellowships. 

In each church we listened to their praises, challenges and had a time of prayer with them.  We are open to partner with them in the days ahead as the Lord guides and directs us to do.

The first stop of the day was at Shalom Baptist Church.  It is a young church in the number of years it has been established but most of its members are long time children of God.  It is located in one of the four villages set up by the government to aid refugees from the Eldoret area after the horrible violence following the 2007 presidential election.  Twenty-five ladies joined us at the tin roofed, black plastic walled church building.  The pastor introduced us to a lady who appeared to be quite old and explained how she was responsible for getting the church established.  She had gone throughout the camp looking for believers for Christian fellowship and as they were discovered she gathered them to worship.  Over time they formed a group that has become Shalom Baptist church.  The stories of sacrifice in order for this church to be established and the strength of this group is amazing. The structure has become too small for the numbers who now attend. Others from the area who are not refugees have begun attending. They have purchased a plot of land and are working towards building a new building.  We were invited to a home for tea after the meeting.  There our new friends shared personal accounts of fleeing the violence with only the clothes they were wearing. Many saw friends and family slaughtered and others burned to death.  Yet all were praising God for saving them, His faithfulness to them and what He has provided!

The second church was entirely different.  It is a new church.  Most of the members are new converts. Once again we heard how women make up the majority and have provided all the material possessions of the church.  Their major praise was for the unity that has been established among them by their faith in Jesus.  They see their major challenges to be the size of their group and the ability to establish children’s work within their fellowship.

The third church was different from the other two.  It is located in a village that serves as a hub for the area.   This is the home church of the leader of the pastor’s wives group.  The church was the smallest of the four churches in members and size.   This church also meets in a rented space.  The women  have a strong commitment to reaching and helping the women of this area.

Hospital in Shalom Community next to church
Second Church Ruirua
The fourth church is an all women church except for the pastor and a young man that he is mentoring (the young man is attending the Bible School at Bellevue Church.)   All of the women shared a concern for their husbands’ relationship with Jesus Christ.   They have sacrificed to purchase and build a church building.   They shared that they were still short about $450 of paying the previous owner what was owed.   He had come to them and told them if they did not pay by Monday (the day of our visit) - he was adding 25% interest on the cost of the property.    “Wherever you think is best/needed most funds” from Teleios Ministry partners were given through LEFTI (sister organization in Kenya of Teleios Ministry) to meet this immediate need.  The excited praise and thanksgiving to God that the women and pastors expressed in celebration was so meaningful.   

We were overwhelmed by the stories of sacrifice, God’s provision, their joy and praise in response to many challenges.    If only there was a way to share the movement of God’s Spirit during our visits.    A very blessed and humbling day.    Praise be to God through Jesus Christ. 

Inside Third Church, Kiwaria

Third Church Group

Fourth Church Group

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunday at Bellevue Church, Kenya

Bonnie and Floyd joined Bernard Kabaru, Mary, Robert, Lucy, Little Floyd, and Duncan at Bellevue Baptist Church, Bellevue, Kenya. We had a great day of worship and being with Pastor Stephen, Ann, his wife, and children. Stephen and Ann have a great heart for people reaching out to people to follow Christ and to serve Him in the their community. Stephen currently pastors four churches.

The church was packed and most of the youth were away at a youth conference. People were standing outside. When the offering time came, people walked from outside the church, down to the front of the church to place an offering in the basket.

Each Sunday the children have a separate time of offering. They bring their offering singing, dancing, and praying. The offering is used to provide literature/work sheets for the children.

Pastor Stephen and Ann have been serving the church since they were married 10 years ago. Stephen, Ann, Favor (their son) and a friend outside of their house. This year marks 10 years of living in this house. They moved in after their marriage and Stephen's call to be Pastor. The second blue door (the one behind Ann) is a room for a young man who helps Stephen serve the churches. Stephen leases a small plot of land to grow potatoes and beans. Ann has a "food shop" where she sells food that she has cooked. Ann had served us a delicious meal.

Mama Jane and Mr. Samson, a retired engineer, invited us to their home on our way back to the hotel from Bellevue. This is his BBQ and Bread cooker made from scrap. He is Floyd's kind of man.
On our way home, Bonnie caught a beautiful, bright rainbow, you can see the faint shadow of the second rainbow.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kieni Women's Leadership Seminar a First

On Saturday, we gathered at Bellevue Baptist church for a women’s leadership conference.  More than 40 women representing 11 churches from the area participated. The women who have been elected to positions of leadership from these churches range in age from young to old. They gathered to learn principles of effective leadership and how to implement them among the women of their churches. Leaders must practice intimacy with God through worship, prayer and Bible study.  Practicing spiritual disciplines strengthens leaders in order that they might help others grow in their walks with the Lord and become agents of transformation in their churches and communities.
We had fun with beans.  Beans are something that these women see every day of their lives. Using  bean seeds as a visual, along with a magnifying glass, we looked inside and saw what God had placed within it, that under the right conditions, will develop into a mature plant that produces fruit.  The analogy is of a born again believer having God-given potential to grow into a mature believer and produce fruit.  A good leader will help point the new believer to know and access the “right “conditions for growing into a mature fruit-producing Christian.