Teleios Ministry

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunday: Koinonia Worship and Shirley's Place

Today is our last day in Kenya. We began with worship at Koinonia and then took Shirley back to Kenyatta University. In an hour we head for the airport to return home. Worship at Koinonia is always exciting. Seeing young people that we taught during Holiday Bible Week always reminds us of the importance of partnership that develops all involved. Now these young people are leading children's, youth, and bible camps. After worship we went by Shirley's one room apartment. Shirley is pursuing a degree in Medical Technology. The pictures are of the road to her place, the outside of her place, and her place. Thank you for your prayers. We travel from Nairobi to Amsterdam to Atlanta to Greenville. We hope that we will be home by 6 PM tomorrow. See you soon.

Saturday: Rest and the Long Road Home

Today, we were a little lazy to begin the day. Mt. Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa and year round snow at the equator, greeted us with a full view in the morning. Yesterday it was covered with clouds. Today, the mountain was so clear. We had a short drive to see what we could see of the animal kingdom. A couple of cape buffalo were in the tall grass watching us. Antelope and warthogs were everywhere. The warthog picture is just after two males were fighting. Just as I took the shot they broke and starting chasing each other. We had another adventure getting stuck on the ride. We were right on the edge of the park; so some local children came to watch us try and get out. After slinging mud everywhere and cramming branches under the tires, we made it out. I think the children hated to see us go. The group photo of the family: Shirley, Bonnie, Floyd, Carol, Mary, and Bernard. Then we began our journey home. Along the way we visited some property for the beginning of another vision becoming a reality. We stopped at a trout restaurant that is build in the trees. Below the tree top restaurant are trout ponds. While we were there, Bonnie spotted her favorite monkeys, Colobus. The day was long but a good. In some ways, we were wondering if we would ever make it home. Tomorrow, we begin with worship at Koinonia. Then, getting everything packed up. One last meal together early evening, then, it is off to the airport for the journey back to the USA and Greenville. Thank you again for your prayers.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Thursday and Friday: Newlyweds and Safari

Thursday began with a thrilling trip from Nyahururu (finally spelling the name correctly). We dodged potholes, ended up in a funeral procession, and heard Bernard say 100 times, "Gawlee!" as the Nissan slammed into another small crater. We had a great time with Peter, pastor from Gatunguru, traveling back home. When we finally hit the main road, Bernard decided to take a break at the Panarama Resort. After chai for Bernard and coffee for the three of us, we all enjoyed a little cake. Peter discovered "cocktail juice." He said, "I would not drink juice from a cock's (chicken's) tail." This led to an interesting explanation of "cocktail juice." This also reminded us how much we take for granted in conversation and in what people understand. At this point we discovered that Mary's car had a problem. We spent the afternoon handling this and taking the mechanic into downtown Nairobi. We stopped by the Sarit Center, Java House, for our usual supply of coffee. At night, we had a great time with Robert and Lucy, newlyweds. They are so happy. I have never seen someone so excited and happy to be married. We watched the wedding video and went through the picture album. We caught Robert up on what everyone who had ever been on a Teleios Kenya team was doing. Lucy prepared a delicious meal of lentils (our favorite), cabbage, and chapati. We topped it off with fresh mango. Friday proved to be another fun-filled adventure as we headed to Sweetwaters for family time with Bernard, Mary, Shirley, and Carol. The journey proved to be interesting with one flat tire. Then, the second tire exploded sending shock waves through those sleeping in the van. We had a quick afternoon and evening drive at Sweetwaters. The pictures of the elephants was really close. A little too close for Carol especially when the elephant family grew tired of us and started moving. The other photo is a tree of baboons who have settled in for the night. So have we.