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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rice, The Sisters, and Getting Ready

Bonnie and Floyd are in Tukuyu area with Neema and Mpeli preparing for a Mwasanjala family wedding.    Harry, who is Harry’s grandson, is getting married to Ekupta (Daily Bread Life Children Home Staff) Furaha.   The past two have been spent visiting family and getting ready for the wedding Sunday.   So, much to prepare and neighbors and family come to help the Harrys get ready.    

Since women do most of the preparation, Bonnie has been absorbed in preparation plans with the sisters (Sarah (Harry’s mom), Neema, Christina, Tumaini, and Jane).   Mpeli and Floyd have pretty much stayed to the sidelines with Harry.

Friday was starting getting the rice ready for Saturday when relatives start arriving and visiting.   Bonnie enjoyed a great time with the ladies.   She also walked her property filled with banana trees, coffee plants, beans, arrow root, alvocado, and peanuts.   Floyd, Harry, and Mpeli discussed future development of the property.  

Saturday was more of the same.   Bonnie joined the rice cleaning with more singing and dancing.    More family to meet and lunch.   The sisters had similar dresses made for the day.    Looking sharp!    Harry took Floyd, Mpeli and Pawdre on a walk over the tribal land and gave a history of his family. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Kibisi Pastor-Leaders Conference, Tukuyu, Tanzania

Bonnie, Floyd, Mpeli, and Neema spent three life-changing days with pastors and leaders in Tukuyu at the Kibisi Baptist Church. Daily Bread Life was the sponsor of the conference who theme was Effective Leaders for This Century. The three days were filled with praise, worship, and teaching. Bonnie led in the disciplines for effective leadership. Floyd led in how to be an effective leader in this time.
Duncan and Pawdre Scout were the organizers of the conference along with Stephen and Raymond. Bishop Ephraim Mwasasu was the leader of the conference. Pastors and leaders from across Tanzania gathered (mostly the southern Highlands area).
The presence of God's Spirit was evident throughout the conference. Thank you for your prayers and support in making this dream of Harry Mwasanjala come true along with the Daily Bread Life team.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Martha, Don, Lane, Don, and Kelly drove from Ruaha National Park---they saw a lion this morning! Had lunch with Mpeli and Neema. Neema shared her love and appreciation for their serving and loving the children and staff of Daily Bread Life Children's Home, Asante Sana Children's Home, and Bread of Life Secondary School. She gave each of them a gift of appreciation.
Floyd joined them for the flight to Dar on a big 13 passenger plane. They had a couple of hours to clean up and get ready for the trip home. Then, off to the Dar Es Salaam airport to catch their first plane (Amsterdam/Atlanta). From Atlanta they start heading home to Nashville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.
Don Brenner (Nashville), Martha Nelson (Greenville), Lane Lesh (Charlotte), Don Brenner (Atlanta) and Kelly Dillavou (Greenville) were an outstanding team from Eastern Industrial Supply. The camp for the Mwaisumbes, the children and the staff was a dream come true. Thank all of you for your encouragement, support, and prayers.

Bonnie and Floyd remain in Tanzania for a conference in Tukuyu led by Mpeli Mwaisumbe and the wedding of Harry Mwasanjala (grandson of Harry Mwasanjala) and Ekupa Furaha (on staff at Daily Bread Life Children's Home).

Friday, June 09, 2017

The Faces of Daily Bread Life Camp

 Don Brenner, Kellly Dillavou, Martha Nelson, Lane Lesh, Don Brenner, Bonnie Parker, and Floyd Parker minds are full of the faces of the Daily Bread Camp. Our Tanzanian partners were outstanding in translating and joining with us to make the week beyond anything we or they imagined.
By the time, you see this post, the Eastern Five will be enjoying Ruaha National Park. Floyd and Bonnie met with the Bread of Life Secondary School students to finish up the camp week.
Saturday will be a day of travel. The team will travel from Ruaha to Iringa, then fly to Dar es Salaam, then begin their flight home. This has been a life changing week. You are invited to join us next year for another week of camp!