Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Celebrating In The Lord!

Participants in the Pastors' Wives Conference 
celebrate their love for Christ and each other!

Aug. 24, 2017
Thursday was an awesome day celebrating a joyous week of the Kieni West Pastors’ Wives conference.

Bonnie finished her teaching on Wednesday night, and today was all celebration with gifts, cake and ice cream and praising the Lord. One of the best parts of the day was traveling together to each of the pastors’ wives homes greeting their families and having a cup of tea (or more). Yes, tea at every house!

The Women's Conference with the Kieni West Women was held Saturday. Kim taught as Robert translated. Bonnie wrapped up the conference. One of the women said, "We could stay here all day!"

Participants in this year's Pastors' Wives 
Conference are, from left, Mary, Alabinah (with David), 
Leah, Kim, Irene, Jane, Beatrice, Ruth, 
Bonnie, Joyce, and Ann (with Patience).

 Kim presents gifts from Kenny Pipe 
to conference participants.

 Cake and tea were the refreshments of the day.

More cake and more tea are shared.

In the spirit of friendship and love, 
the women thank the young men who cooked and 
served the meals throughout the conference.

Kim leads the Kieni West Women's Conference 
session on Saturday.

The women attending the Kieni Women's 
Conference join in praising God.


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