Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Water For A Dry Land!

Aug. 22, 2017
Floyd, Bernard and Charles met with the Kieni West Sub-County Water Officer David, Chairman of the Gataragwa Water District Stephen Kibichi, and former Chairman of the Water District John to finalize a partnership to provide water to the Lamuria area, especially the very vulnerable.

This partnership is an outcome of hosting local elders to discuss community issues with Bernard, Charles, Robert, Floyd, Bonnie, Bill Kenny and Tom Menefee. The meeting was featured in Facebook and blog posts in early April of this year.

The first phase of the project will be to construct a 225 m3 water tank. Following its completion and it becoming operational, the second phase will begin with the construction of a second tank. The Water District has provided infrastructure and the county government drilled a borehole to supply water, all of which was brought online in March 2017.

The area is semi-arid and has suffered the effects of drought for the past few years. The beauty of the partners working together is that when the first tank is finished, there will be an immediate impact upon the Lamuria community.

Everyone was very excited as we toured the area. There is a long range plan for another water tank or borehole not far from Bernard and Mary’s home. This would provide water for an area where there is no water source.

While we were at the sight of the first tank, three ladies were at a “community water spigot” getting water in containers to carry to their home. We had met one of the ladies at Birisha Baptist Church on Sunday.

Praise God for bringing together people with a vision for how to provide this needed resource and for partners who are making it possible.

 Charles and John share information 
at the Gatawagra Water Office in Kiawara.

Stephen, John, David, Charles, and the 
borehole manager inspect the borehole, (well) 
generator, and tank at Lamuria.

Bernard, Charles, Stephen, David and John
 visit the site of the first water tank
 to be built in Lamuria.

Three women getting water for the day 
at the local water tap which they then have to carry 
back to their homes.


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