Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rice, The Sisters, and Getting Ready

Bonnie and Floyd are in Tukuyu area with Neema and Mpeli preparing for a Mwasanjala family wedding.    Harry, who is Harry’s grandson, is getting married to Ekupta (Daily Bread Life Children Home Staff) Furaha.   The past two have been spent visiting family and getting ready for the wedding Sunday.   So, much to prepare and neighbors and family come to help the Harrys get ready.    

Since women do most of the preparation, Bonnie has been absorbed in preparation plans with the sisters (Sarah (Harry’s mom), Neema, Christina, Tumaini, and Jane).   Mpeli and Floyd have pretty much stayed to the sidelines with Harry.

Friday was starting getting the rice ready for Saturday when relatives start arriving and visiting.   Bonnie enjoyed a great time with the ladies.   She also walked her property filled with banana trees, coffee plants, beans, arrow root, alvocado, and peanuts.   Floyd, Harry, and Mpeli discussed future development of the property.  

Saturday was more of the same.   Bonnie joined the rice cleaning with more singing and dancing.    More family to meet and lunch.   The sisters had similar dresses made for the day.    Looking sharp!    Harry took Floyd, Mpeli and Pawdre on a walk over the tribal land and gave a history of his family. 


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