Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pastors' Wives Conference Under Way!

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

We rose with the sun this morning for the first day of the Pastors’ Wives training workshops.

Bonnie and Kim joined Mary Kabaru, Ann, Arribiah, Beatrice, Mary, Irene, Jane, Joyce, Leah and Mary. Bernard, James, James, and Samuel took on the kitchen duties with the help of Juliet – they did a great job.

These women have an inspiring commitment. You can see from the pictures how special these women are.

Pray for Bonnie and Kim this week as they lead the workshops. Pray, too, that the women will continue to seek God’s will as they grow into the leaders He created them to be.

Joyce and Bonnie spend time catching up.

Irene, Kim and Leah get to know each other.

Bonnie leads a session one Personal Bible 
Study as Mary Kabaru translates.

 Bonnie goes over additional instruction.

Bernard, James, Robert and James had 
'dinner duty' and gladly served the women 
following the day's workshop. 


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