Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Mountain Top Day!

The first full day on August 18 began with Bonnie, Kim and Floyd getting to see a beautiful sunrise over Mt. Kenya as they awoke in Bernard and Mary Kabaru's home.

We had an awesome time celebrating with Pastor Stephen and his wife, Ann, and their children, Peace, Favour and Patience. We were joined by Bernard, Robert and John.

We visited four OVC families (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) in Bellavue, Kenya. The first family was grandparents who have raised eight grandchildren, now with two teenagers. They have a kitchen garden, goats and chickens through the help of Life Empowerment for Transformation (LEFTI), and the guidance of Robert and Bernard.

The second family was a single father raising his three children. The third family was a grandmother who has a granddaughter in college. The grandmother has kitchen garden that now produces enough for her to sell some produce, chickens and a goat. She is an amazing woman who has stolen our hearts.

The fourth family was an aunt who is taking care of a niece with disabilities and a nephew. LEFTI has helped with physical therapy, care, a special diet and other physical needs.

All of these visits were a mountain-top experience for the heart and mind. We praise God for His blessings and for the support provided to sustain the OVC and LEFTI programs.

 Visiting the home of the first family in the 
OVC program and assisted through the LEFTI.

The grandmother expresses her thanks and love
to Kim as they share in how God has provided.

One of the sons of the second family gives
 the group a tour of the family's home and garden.

 The group makes their way through
the garden of the third family.

 Bernard and Patience take time to feed the goat.

Making preparations for a meal 
of chicken (under the wooden crate) and 
vegetables from the garden at the home 
of the third family.

Ann and Stephen present gifts to Kim and the 
Teleios Team during a stopover at their new home.


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