Teleios Ministry

Friday, January 29, 2016

Dream to Reality and GOAT

We all went to the property at Lamuria in Nyeri County. The property is being developed to included Bernard and Mary's home, guesthouse, office, conference area, Learning center for Pastors/Leadership, a Secondary School, Farm, and trade school.
We walked every inch of the 32 acres, inspected the house, and enjoyed a delicious meal of roasted goat.

Sunday Worship: A Cane, a Chicken, and Cow's Tail

On Sunday, Attila and Zsolt were introduced to Kiangundu Baptist Church by Benard Kabaru, Bonnie and Floyd. The worship was mostly in Kikuyu. This is the church that Bernard grew up in. Attila preached, Zsolt brought a greeting of encouragement and witness, and Bonnie and Floyd greeted the church.
One of the highlights is always the offering. With praise, the people come forward bring their gifts. There are always some eggs, fruits, or vegetables placed on the altar. After the offering these gifts are auctioned off. Attila got in the spirit by buying some mangos. Bonnie was given eggs, bananas, and arro root.
After the worship service the church presented us with gifts. Bonnie received a beautiful basket; Attila, Zsolt, and Robert received canes; Floyd received a cow tail whisk (symbol of an elder); and Bernard was given a live chicken.
Following the worship, we all had lunch with Bernard's Mom (and family). We visited local OVC sites.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The Kieni West Women’s Conference was amazing.   We were told to expect 150, we planned for 200.   Over 210 came!   Those ladies filled the church, stood outside the windows and sat alongside the outside wall of the church (it was made of tin sheets) and listened, sang, prayed, worshipped.   The conference was absolutely amazing.   Attila brought a powerful message on the servant girl who helped Naaman in 2 Kings.  Bonnie did a great job in her four hours teaching (of course).  She taught on the spiritual disciplines as they practically worked out in women’s lives.  One pastor’s wife asked Bonnie, “how did you know what I was going through, you described my life and struggle.  Thank you so much.”  The last spiritual discipline being “Study of God’s Word.”   After teaching, she announced that a couple (Teleios partners) believed in the power of God’s word in every person’s hand and were providing Bibles for each woman in her preferred language.   The Bibles were distributed—some were English language and the majority in Kikuyu language.   You have never seen such happy people.   At one point, they broke out spontaneously in a song of praise to God.   I was able to capture a short part of it.   Hope to up load it.  They were waving their Bibles, bookmarks and singing.    The meeting concluded with gifts being given to the team.   Everyone one from pastors to the women said that they had never had such a powerful conference.