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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back in Greenville Looking toward Summer

Everyone is back in Greenville now. Floyd was the last to arrive on April 7. Thank you for your prayers and for following this team. The next team scheduled is in July for the Gypsy children's camps. Sponsors are still needed for some of the children.
The next East Africa trip is scheduled for August. God is bringing together a team for a evangelistic outreach in the Iringa area to begin a new church near the children's home, for a bible school for the children's home and Kidete village, and for a construction/maintenance at the children's home and the farm (finalize water delivery to the village). We ask your prayers as these teams are finalized. As always you can keep up through the newsletters at

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Koinonia Worship

Koinonia worship is always a very meaningful worship experience. Today, we were blessed with recognizing the students who are home from broading school, the first time a new baby was in worship--David, Momma Blessed, and Blessed, and the children singing a special.

Many from Koinonia sent their greetings to Teleios partners who work with them every year in Bible school.

The new sanctuary has the first floor completed and is waiting doors and windows. This afternoon the church hosted around 50 couples in a marriage seminar focusing on conflict and health issues for couples. The Koinonia women provided the traditional meal of rice, cabbage with carrots, and a meat stew. As always the meal was very good.

Thank you for praying for the worship service and for Koinonia. The first week in December, there will be a bible school team going to work with Koinonia in an outreach into the community. You can be a part by contacting Teleios Ministry.

Water Well Pictures


Saturday, April 04, 2009


Much water!! were the words that I received from Neema and Mpeli regarding the well. The water was found at 74 meters or 242 feet. There is great rejoicing in Kidete and the children's home. This is great news. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We are waiting on the water analysis for the details. These should come in 6 to 7 days.

Friday, April 03, 2009

First Day in Kenya

Today, was a truly great day. I visited Happy Day Academy led by Mary Kabaru (Bernard's wife). She now has 130 students--I can't wait to get the pictures posted--hopefully tomorrow morning. Mary asked the parents of her students to send food supplies to school--corn, beans, flour, etc. Today, the Mary and the children divided into groups and visited the slum areas around Tigoni and Limuru giving out the food supplies. In fact, most of the visits were to families that had children (on scholarship) of Happy Day Academy. The children sang songs in the homes (most 10 ft by 10 ft), the children prayed for the families, and the children gave the families the food. Also, Mary or one of the leaders shared about Jesus Christ. I was so impressed with Mary teaching the children not only the academic but also how to serve others--how to give--how to minister is Jesus' name. This was a really special experience.

Later at Happy Day, the Happy Day Olympics were held. Sack races, spoon carries, tire rolling, etc. This was a great time. Yours truly was invited to participate but should have stayed on the side lines for the tire roll. Proudly he was leading until the ground rose up and tripped him. But, his tire came in second. Even if he limped off the track.

Had the opportunity to see Carol Kabaru at her school. Judy, Cynthia, and Shirley along with Jane (Bernard's sister) prepared some special treats for Carol for the visit. She was very happy to see everyone. Her spring break begins in two weeks. Everyone else was out.

The night ended with a great Kenyan meal at Bernard's house. Thank you for your prayers.

Last Day in Tanzania

Here is the lone photo that I have of the last day in Tanzania. On our way from Iringa to Dar we saw Cape Buffalo resting in a mud hole. Our journey from Iringa to Dar was rather uneventful. Mpeli was stopped twice by the police. The first time Greg and Floyd were reprimanded for not having on seat belts. Mpeli got us out of the trouble.

Last word on the well was that they were about 65 feet deep and still drilling toward a goal of around 200+ feet. I, Floyd, will keep you posted stay tuned.

In Dar no problems, well, Floyd's reservation had been cancelled for his flight from Dar to Nairobi. The airline rebooked and it saved him $78. We to the Transit hotel for a rest and shower before leaving for the airport.

The last time that I saw Jon, Greg, and Becky they were getting on the plane to Amsterdam in Nairobi. By this time they should be home. I was met at the airport by Bernard and Robert. Great to see them.

Thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray regarding the well. Also we seek your prayers for the August trip. If you would like to be a part of bible school for the children, a crusade, and/or maintanence and construction contact me. Oh, we are looking for anyone who knows about windmills.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Our Last Day in Iringa

Today we started out heading for the farm to finish up a gate area in the fence and watch the drilling of the well. Upon our arrival we found the well drilling truck stuck trying to get into the farm. By noon it was out of the "ditch" and setting up on at the place chosen by the water assessment survey. It appeared that the drilling would go quick but it quickly bogged down when the well drilling supervisor did not show up until around 2 PM. As you can imagine we tried to find ways to occupy ourselves. Jon took a bike ride that was "sweet" according to him. The less than five foot tall and 140 lb man seemed anxious with Jon riding his bicycle. Becky took one of the Kidete members on a stroll around the farm. The stump removal team arrived donkey cart and two extra donkeys. I think that they were donkeys in training. They sure can eat grass. Petting donkeys and telling donkey related stories entertained for a while. With lunch time we headed back to Iringa.

Entertainment continued to be the adventure of the day. All week we were blessed by the ministry of service from Mboka, Halima, Agnes, and Hteresia. Bether arrived from college yesterday and joined in ministry of service team. Jon and Greg must have taken a hundred pictures of them as they posed and laughed. This was a great time. Finally, just before we headed back to the farm. You see how far we had progressed with me taking a picture of Jon and Greg taking close up pictures of flowers and a bee.
We arrived back at the farm to find that they had drilled almost 10 feet. Due to the type of soil they had to change drill bits now and so tomorrow the drilling would resume. We left confident that they knew what they were doing. Even if we were not confident in their finishing tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. The chairman of the village came by and was concerned. We put up a wire fence and the well is far from the road. Would the villagers be able to access water. We took the opportunity to share with him the vision for clean drinking water for the village. He was excited. Pray as the design for providing the water is developed once we know the amount of water available and have an analysis of it.

We finished the day worshipping with the children. This is always a very special time that is both sad and joyful. Greg led the devotion and did a great job. Each team member led a devotion for the evening worship with the children. We prayed together and said, "Kwaheri"

After our last supper prepared by the master chef of international cuisine, Jonah Jailo or as we affectionately call him JJ#1, Mpeli and Neema presented the team with parting gifts. We finished our day with prayer together. This has been a great team.

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement. Written everyday but truly meant everyday. God was glorified, honored, and praised through the faithfulness of the team when we were six through now our four.

Tomorrow we travel to Dar by Nissan Patrol. Jon, Greg, and Becky will fly from Dar Es Salaam to Nairobi, Nairobi to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Detroit, and Detroit to Greenville arriving Friday afternoon. I, Floyd, will stay in Kenya for a few days to visit and meet with our brother in Christ, Bernard Kabaru Mwangi, His family, and the Koinonia family.

I will try to continue the blog. Sometimes connections in Kenya do not go as well. Hopefully the blog will go well.