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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bread of Life Secondary School

Today, I visited Bread of Life Secondary School, the DLBCH shop, and the DLBCH farm.
 The students are in the middle of exams.   This is the first time that BLSS students will take a national exam.   Everyone is excited and anxious about the exams.   Form 2 students are taking the Form 2 national exams on all subjects to determine their future educational options.    Form 1 students are taking their class exams for Bread of Life SS.   
The school looked very good, well-kept, and considering the lack of rain very green—not dusty like the “outside world”.   The students are doing very good.    I met with the Rev. Pawdre Scout, Headmaster of the school, and two teachers, Barack and Nuru.   Both are outstanding teachers and have done a great job.  
I was so excited when one student, Mary, a DBLCH youth, came to me and greet me in confident English and looked me in the eyes.    Just a year ago, Mary would not look at you much less speak English.   She did not even have the confidence to speak in Swahili.  Now, she came and spoke to me.   That made my day.  
The national exams determine the progress of the students but also are used to determine the status, effectiveness of the school.   Parents use these results to determine where to send their children.   
VOLUNTEER ENGLISH TEACHERS NEEDED in 2016.   If you are interested, please contact Floyd or Bonnie Parker.   

We made a quick stop by the Isimilia Market and Masoko Tours Office in downtown Iringa.    Both are owned and operated by Mpeli, Neema, and Maka Mwaisumbe.    Leonard, one of the DBLCH young people, who is a business major at Iringa University is shop supervisor.   Kathryn, Neema and Mpeli’s niece, and a business majora at Iringa University keeps runs the Masoko Tours Office.    I had the great privilege to purchase the first airline ticket from Masoko Tours on Auric Air.  
The farm is doing great.   I enjoyed seeing it and checking on the crops and animals so much, I forgot to take a picture. 

Lab Equipment given by Teleios partners

Lab Equipment given by Teleios Partners

Isimilia Shop and Masoko Tours Office

Sunday, November 15, 2015

ACTS Fellowship Iringa Dedicates First Building Today

First two pictures from Saturday's arrival at Daily Bread Life Children's home. 
DBLCH Children Greeting Floyd with songs!

ACTS Fellowships First Building on their own property
DBLCH Children/Staff, BLSS, Kidete and ACTS coming to worship together
ACTS Fellowship of Iringa held their first worship service on their own property.   The service began with Floyd offering a prayer of dedication before the people entered the building for worship.  Church members held fund raisers over the past months.  They purchased a piece of property on the edge of Iringa in a developing area.   They built a temporary structure.   During construction, the church members got to know the local residents.   Today, a lady become the first member of ACTS.   The beauty of her decision was that she volunteered to keep the church clean.    The building was packed with people.   The worship was alive with singing, testimony, and prayer.   The Kidete church came to celebrate with ACTS and the students of Bread of Life Secondary School joined in the worship.   ACTS is the home church for Daily Bread Life Children’s Home.
ACTS Church Sign
Even today, two persons gave 600,000 TSH for the development of the property.    Maka, Sam, Brown, Kathryn, and Betha lead in worship as the Praise team.   Stephen, Allen, Maka, Sam, and Brown handled the sound and provided served as musicians.    One of my (Floyd’s) favorite times of worship is the offering—as the praise team leads the congregation in singing, the people come forward bringing their offerings.  I love the smiles on their faces as they bring the offering. 

Group outside for Prayer of Dedication

Floyd prays Maka translates with Neema
Coming in to worship
Brown, Allen, Stephen, Sam, Maka
Mwangaza gives testimony
William leads in singing for worship
Mpeli has been sick for a few days with Malaria. He came but was unable to participate.    Neema led the worship, Floyd brought the message, and Maka served as translator.

The vision for the property is to have a church building, office/counseling center, and nursery/primary school.    As Mpeli said, “you never know what God has planned.   He made possible the property.  You remember Kidete church.  Starting the church in Kidete led to a Nursery/Primary School, Daily Bread Life Children’s Home, the farm, and Bread of Life Secondary School.  The Kidete church is a strong and growing church today.”   

The Offering

Floyd Preaching with Maka Translating
Neema leading in worship

Coming outside the church singing and greeting each other

Ima singing as the people go outside

Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Day Graduation in Pictures

2015 Happy Day Graduating Class
Getting Ready for the Big Day
Children in Place

Parents and Guests Gathering

Graduating Class Prepared a Special Dance

Graduates present a Drama Scene 1

Drama Scene 2

Garry Freeman was a Guest Speaker and Special Guest of Happy Day representing Kitty Freeman and their family as partners in the vision of Happy Day.

Official Photo so we could see the banner

Garry Speaking at Graduation

Happy Day Scout Group

Head Student leads Scout Group

Mary Kabaru, Visionary, and Garry Freeman present awards
Cutting of the Graduation Cake

Serving the Cake as everyone lines up