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Monday, August 16, 2010

If You Would Like To Partner in Kenya

Bonnie and I (Floyd) spent the last week working with Bernard on future partnerships and opportunities for partnership development. Here are mission partnership trips for 2010 and 2011.


November 26-December 6: Koinonia Holiday Bible Week.

Bernard Kabaru Mwangi Family in the US in December and early January.

2011: Mission Partnership Teams

Bible Week Camps: Three are needed. These camps are for two main purposes: Outreach in communities for children and train Kenyan children's leaders so that they can develop their own Holiday Bible Weeks. The preferred dates are April, August, and December.

Children's Workers Training: The one request from every village and church leader is helping to develop children's leaders. This training is not program focused training but helping children's leaders develop their own materials and ministry in their local area to reach families and grow them in Jesus Christ. JULY 2011.

Medical Mission Camps

Bible School Partnership Team: There is a critical need in more isolated areas to develop church leadership with long term leadership training. As more people are coming to follow Jesus Christ leaders are needed. Two areas are already identified as needed Bible Schools for church leaders. These come at the request of local church leaders.

See or Teleios Ministry on Facebook for contact info

Saturday: Momma's Place

Saturday was a special day as we had the privilege to visit Bernard's mom. We also had the opportunity to join in celebrating with the first person to earn a PH.D. in the area.

Bernard's Mom is a wonderful lady. She is quick to laugh and very expressive in her talking and listening. When we arrived she had chai ready for us. She also prepared the traditional Kikuyu food, mukimo(corn, beans, greens, and potatoes), and the best chicken (fresh chicken cut up with some kind of spices). She and Bernard immediately got into a discussion over when we would eat. Bernard's mom won that we would eat at noon and then go to the celebration. Bernard wanted to eat afterwards. Mom was ready to take care of her boy and his guests. Unfortunately, every time I tried to catch her laughing it was too late.

As a tribute to a mother of twelve children, a woman of faith, a widow of ten years who still manages her household (she has consented to have a young who helps her around the farm). She walked with her friend at least a mile up hill (really up hill) to the celebration. It is not hard to see where Bernard gets his determination, quick laugh, and his compassion. Now, she is not a push over by any means. Don't ask her to cook fish--she does not like them and they will not be cooked in her pots.

The celebration was great (we had to leave early to catch the plane home). Leonard Mwangi Gitau received his PH.D. in Chemistry. He teaches at the Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He is a committed follower of Christ as was reflected in the celebration. The whole village turned out. The bull was slaughtered, the mikimo was cooked, and the singing and dancing began. Children performed drama, poems were read, the did a skit on education (Hilarious!), on picture the young mother's group at church sang and danced--Leonard and his family joined the dancing. The laughter, joy, and excitement filled the place. You could feel the pride of the whole village as people came walking from all around. We met Leonard and Bernard's primary school teachers. We met secondary school teachers.

We also had the opportunity to discuss politics with Leonard's brother. He is the vice chairman of the Nyeri County Council. The new Kenya constitution organizes the county much like the US with County government similar to our state government. So, we had long talk about government organization and politics. Kenya faces a long road with the new constitution. Kenyans have taken a hugh risk that also has great hope. What a blessing to see the seriousness and the eagerness to learn how to do it best. Of course, there is always the issue of re-election. We had a great time.

Visiting with Bernard's mom and his home area is always special. Visiting with Bernard his home area tells us so much about him, his love for his people, and the motivating factors of his life. Watching and listening to Bernard you realize that he truly operates for his people and not himself. He would sacrifice whatever it took for his people to know Christ but also to reach their fullest God-given potential. We thank God that Bernard is our trusted partner and brother (Mary, his wife, too!) because he models what we at Teleios Ministry were called to be and do, invest in God's people that they might dream and those God-given dreams might become a reality to the glory of God.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday: The Last Day of the Conference

The FOBOCK (Fellowship of Baptist of Central Kenya)annual meeting is a great gathering from across central Kenya. Bonnie and Floyd really enjoy being with the church leaders and members for the teaching and the fellowship. Bonnie really enjoyed her teaching and dialogue session with the women. The women said they really enjoyed their time with Bonnie and invited her to come back to be with them in November.

Floyd finished his teaching focusing on Psalm 85 and hinderances to an intimate relationship with the Lord. Bernard taught on intimate relationship with God expressed in Christian Fellowship and Service. There was also a session on what is FOBOCK? it's purpose and objectives. Each day the women, men, and youth held group meetings to get to know each other and talk about how to make practical application of the teaching.

The pictures focus on tea time and the cooks who made the best beans, cabbage, and rice. They also made Bonnie her own special brew of tea--black tea no milk with a little sugar. The picture show the church kitchen, the cooks, cooking the beans, serving lunch, and cooking ugali (the white stuff in the pot) for supper.

Again today an open air meeting was held in the center of town. A large group of people gathered to listen and join in the singing.

Tomorrow, Bonnie and Floyd travel with Bernard to his mother's place and then to a celebration. One man from the village became the first person to obtain a PH.D. in the village. There is going to be a celebration. After the celebration, we head for Bernard's house to pick up luggage, repack, and take a quick shower before heading off the airport. Don't know when we will post again. Thank you in advance for your prayers through the two weeks in Kenya. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for being our partners in the mission.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday: FOBOCK Conference begins

Bonnie, Floyd, and Bernard left at 7:30 AM this morning for the FOBOCK conference in Kartinga northwest of Thika about 45 minutes. Floyd taught in the morning sessions on intimacy with God and Revelation 2:1-7. In the afternoon, Bonnie met with Women's leaders and Floyd met with Youth Leaders. The late afternoon was a great experience of an open air evangelistic meeting. A wooden stage had been constructed just off the main street of the small town. A lot of singing, clapping, and dancing led into the sharing of testimony by local believers and a sermon. We began at 4:30 and ended at 7 PM.

Great news is that Bernard received his visa for travel to the US to begin his doctorate degree with Asbury Seminary.

Monday to Wednesday

While Floyd and Bonnie enjoyed an evening out with Bernard, Mary, Judy, Shirley, and Carol and Lucia, Tatiana, and Mady enjoyed a safari at Sweetwaters reserve near Mt. Kenya, Meg and Rebecca were enjoying the sights and sounds of Newark and Washington,DC Airports. Yes, the went from Nairobi to Brussels, Brussels to Newark (3 hour delay out of Brussels), Newark to guess? Reagan in Washington, DC. But, a 2hour delay in Newark after being re-routed to Washington caused them to miss their re-routed flight. They spent the night in Alexandria and then arrived at GSP on Tuesday morning at 11:45 AM. Two pieces of their luggage was not as fortunate. Forty-eight hours of traveling fun--did I mention that there is a great pizza place in Nairobi. No pictures were provided for their incredible journey.

Tuesday Bonnie and Floyd enjoyed a great meal prepared by Judy (who has almost finished her studies as a Chef. She is doing an intern right now.) We enjoyed a great evening. We got to know new friends, Tal (from Australia working with Koinonia and Mumford, a young man who is a member of Koinonia working with their orphans and vulnerable children's ministry.

Wednesday, Lucia, Tatiana, and Mady arrived back from a great safari at Sweetwaters. After getting their luggage and freshing up, we all went for a quick supper together and then to the airport. (As of Thursday afternoon, they are in the US with none of the Meg and Rebecca adventures). Floyd, Bonnie, and Bernard headed for Thika to get ready for the FOBOCK Annual Conference on Wednesday through Saturday.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Sunday: Worship, Celebration and Good-bye

Sunday morning worship at Koinonia is always a great time of praising God and celebrating our life in Jesus Christ.

The morning began with an open Sunday School. The church discussed the impact of the voting for the new constitution last Wednesday. Most expressed thanks to God that everything was peaceful. The group prayed for the faithfulness of the church in the coming days as the new Constitution is implemented. The church affirmed that their present and future was in Jesus Christ. They prayed for the leaders to act in ethical and moral ways for implementation.

The worship service was a great time of praise and worship. Floyd preached this morning on an intimate relationship with God—knowing His voice and responding to it. After a short break, the Harambe was held for completion of the second new rooms for children, youth, and an office. What a special time as the church came together to finish the project. The team joined in the fund raising. We had a great time and it was fun hearing the “pledges” and seeing the offerings made for the project. In all 340 window panes were purchased, 7 doors, 180 liters of paint, and the electrical work. All that remains is the 180 liters of paint sealer.

As a part of the Harambe, the church celebrated its fifth anniversary. The church has moved five times over the past five years. Each time they constructed temporary sanctuary and classrooms out of tin sheets and lumber. Today the fund raising was for them “permanent” sanctuary. The team laughed that it did not seem right not to be in a different building from December. A special cake was prepared and the entire church received a piece of cake and tea as we celebrated the history of Koinonia. Bonnie, Floyd, Bernard, Samuel, Mary, Janet, Beatrice, Lucy, and Jane participated in the cutting of the cake.

We left mid-afternoon for the Java House for lunch and to pick-up our Kenya coffee. Then, we went back the Kentmere and said goodbye to Meg and Rebecca. Bernard and Floyd took them to the airport for their trip home. They should arrive at GSP between 4-5 PM Monday.

Last picture is from this morning as Lucia, Mady, and Tatiana leave for safari at Sweetwaters near Mt. Kenya.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday: Tea and Children's Home

Having a difficult time posting pictures on the blog. Tried to post pictures on Facebook and they did not work either. For now, we will continue trying to post the pictures and given a written report.

This morning we slept in and had a late breakfast. We left to visit a tea processing factory between Limuru and Kiambu. The Karirana Tea Estates were not far distance wise but the roads were not good. The drive was beautiful as we passed through mountains and beautiful tea farms. As far as you could see were beautiful green tea estates. We also passed rose farms.

The Karirana Tea Factory was really a treat as we saw how tea was processed from field to the cup. Joseph, the General Manager, is a believer and was a gracious host. We toured the factory. The amazing thing is that once the tea is placed in the chute to be cut--no human hand touches it again. At the end of the tour, we were able to purchase really fresh tea. The factory has started its own brand, Eden Tea.

After we left the tea factory we traveled to the Bata Shoe Store where a big Bata shoe factory used to be in Limuru. Through Bata, the team purchased shoes for all the children at the Presbyterian Orphanage. We took the shoes by the orphanage, visited with the staff and children, and prayed with them.

The rest of the afternoon was free time. We went into Nairobi to purchase coffee and to pick up a few last minute souvenirs. We finished the day at a Chinese restaurant that Carol and Shirley chose. This was a great day of ministry, learning, and being together. Tomorrow we worship together, have lunch together, and then Meg and Rebecca leave for home. Please remember to pray for the Harambe on Sunday.