Teleios Ministry

Friday, April 07, 2017

The Women

 Bonnie sharing time with the Pastor's Wives of Kieni West

Mary, Lucy and Bonnie getting ready for lunch and having a great time together

Water Tank Tower in Lamuria

The pictures tell the story of getting the top of a new water tower on the tower.     After the nights work the contractor said no more and left the job. 
Water Tower top to be raised

Tower without Top

Tom, Bernard pulling the rope to raise the top.  Floyd on the top tank helping to raise the top.

Water Tank top now on top of the tower

Team life in Lamuria

Tom's first chai at his first breakfast
 Bonnie and Floyd met Bernard and welcomed Tom to Kenya on March 30.   They drove to the Lamuria property on March 31
Team celebrates being together! 

Mt. Kenya from the Lamuria Property

Tom watches the goats go out in the morning

Lamuria Property during drought for the rainy season.

Mt. Kenya at Sunrise

Goats leave the pin

Bernard and Tom enjoy first meal in Bernard and Mary's home

Tom and Bernard look at the Lamuria property and potential development

Tom presents Soccer Ball given by his son, Jacob to local church youth.

Lamuria Leadership Meeting

Charles Birthday celebrated at the Local Leaders Meeting

Local leaders group along with LEFTI/LCI/TELEIOS Team

Bill, Bernard, Tom, Jesse meet with Assistant Chief Rebecca

Tom reports a missing Goat and Chicken from the Lamuria property to Asst. Chief. 

Wait, we are eating goat and chicken now.  

Bill and Tom enjoy the joke

Shalom Church's Community Ministry

Life Empowerment for Transformation, Inc.  in partnership with Shalom Church in meeting Orphan and Vulnerable families and also the elderly and widows. 
Robert explains kitchen of OVC family as Solomon OVC leader Shalom watches
Shalom Secondary School

Shalom Village

Typical Shalom OVC houses

OVC family new house through Shalom Church and LEFTI partnership

Joki and Jesse share a laugh

Bill gives gift to top Shalom Church kindergarten student

Solomon, Samuel, Robert, Bill and Jesse at Shalom Church for lunch

Worship with Bellevue Church

Bill Kenny, Jesse Mayo, Tom Menefee, Bonnie Parker, and Floyd Parker worshipped with Bellevue Church with Pastor Stephen.   Joining the team was Pastor Bernard, Robert, Charles, and Duncan. 
Tom greets the church

Bernard, Pastor Stephen, and Tom

Jesse greets the Church

Ages 4-6 Praising team in Worship

Jesse, Charles, and Robert

Ages 7-9 children group praise group
Robert joins young couples group in praise

Bill greets the church

Transforming and Empowering at Bellevue Church

Bellevue Community Houses
Bellevue Baptist Church is a partner of Life Empowerment for Transformation Inc (Bernard/Robert/Charles and Teleios Ministry) in ministry to Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Drought Relief, and leadership development.    
Elderly widow shows Jesse her kitchen garden

Bellevue Old Center Homes

Grandparents show their kitchen garden that helps to support them and their two grandchildren who live with them.

Team coming down the hill

Bernard, Bill, Jesse, and Robert wait for the meal at Stephen and Ann

Goat project at grandparents home

Solar Lighting to help mother of 8's oldest child, a daughter, go to high school through OVC program

Mother of 8 garden
Garden above and River below.  5 buckets of water per day (20 litre/5 gallon buckets)