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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Celebrating Christmas with Kidetete


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Baptism on Sunday

Sunday: Saying Goodbye, Worship

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Summary of Bible Camp

The Bible Camp at Koinonia was an amazing week! In true Kenyan style the numbers grew from day to day. The final registration was 237 with average attendance over 200 after the first day. The Koinonia leaders were extremely pleased with the theme selection--Sharing Jesus' Love with our Neighbors--the World. Even the youngest of the participants in the 4-6 yr olds were able to grasp the concept of the worldwide need to know of Jesus’ love and provision for salvation. As we would review each day they could tell in detail the Bible story and how each person the Good Samaritan, Peter, Paul/Saul, Philip, and the friends of the paralytic shared Jesus’ love with someone who was different or from somewhere else. The older children, 7-12 yr olds were able to understand that all believers are responsible for sharing Jesus and explored practical ways they can do that. Performing dramas from the daily Bible lessons was an especially fun-activity. We discovered quite a number of gifted actors and actresses! Each age level (4-6, 7-9, and 10-12) had to be split into two groups for lesson time because of the size of the rooms and the number of children. Michal did a great job taking over the second group. She and Bonnie started out on Monday sharing duties but as classes grew each had her own room.
Rebecca and Shelia did a fantastic job in the Academic part of the camp. It was incredible the amount of geography they taught. Again, the children of all ages amazed us with their ability to retain so much. Maps, globes, animals, and cultural facts about people groups on each continent were used to present an overview of how we are all neighbors on the earth loved by God. The highlight in this session each day was music and dance from a particular country. The children were taught the dance and then danced!!
There was a great deal of fun in Recreation and Arts and Crafts. The games the children were introduced to came from areas around the world. Meg had a challenge in being able to lay out the games in the relatively small courtyard area! The excitement of competition produced lots of cheering and laughter. The Lord provided a dry week during the day which was a blessing!
The crafts also related to the academic study each day. Exotic fish from the Great Barrier Reef and bullroars from Australia, colorful cathedral windows from Europe, stuffed frogs and lizards from South America, arrowhead necklaces on North America and Africa day were some of the projects. The hit of the week however were kites on the day they studied Asia! The sky of Ruaka was filled that afternoon and the next morning as the children proudly flew their handwork from all to see! Lucia and Ed are a very effective team. The craft area was colorful with pictures of places, costumes, flags, and landmarks from around the world. As the children worked on their projects, their attention was drawn to how they craft related to a specific place or people group.
Lunch was provided each day. Delicious lentils, rice, cabbage was dished up in generous portions. We were told by those at Koinonia that many of the children did not have adequate food. In addition to food, lunch break provided a naptime for Adrian. Teaching youth is hard work.
Monday through Wednesday, the team visited in the homes of the children in the different areas of Ruaka and Banana Hill areas. Bonnie and Floyd taught Christian Marriage seminar with an emphasis on conflict resolution. By 6 PM the team was back at the Kentmere Club for a quick shower, dinner, and covering the day. The team wished to express a special note of appreciation to the Kentmere staff for their excellent service and friendship.

Gifts and Saturday

"Making Melodies in My Heart": Right Hand, Left Hand, Thumbs Up, Elbows Out, Knees Bend, Stomach Out, Jump-Jump, Head Bent, Turn Around, Tongue Out

Lucia and Ed getting started with crafts. Decorated wall in the background

Lucia, Rebecca, and Team packed over 200 gift bags for the children.

The Women pose with the completed bags. The end of a great week of work with the children and leaders of Koinonia.

Joyce prepares lentils for lunch in the kitchen at Koinonia

Adrian and Ed working hard after lunch.

Meg and Dixon, Kentmere Club staff member.

The Ladies demonstrate their Tai Chi

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Tuesday brings dancing Matilda

Monday, December 03, 2007

The First Day of Camp

Pastor Samuel Mwangi leads Koinonia Camp Leadership and ACTS/Teleios Team Meeting as they prepare for a great week working together.

As the steam rises off a good, hot pot of tropical punch KoolAid, Michal "Are you sure this is made by the recipe?" Parker, Meg "Mighty Tasty" Hunt, and Lucy "Our Children need warm drink" Mwangi are dipping up the morning treat! Rebecca West (in the background) is serving up this warm drink to knock the chill off of a cool Kenyan morning.

Lunch is served! A truly great lunch is served each day. The cabbage, lentils, and rice are a delicious lunch for the Team and the participants. Everyone looks forward to lunch.

Generous servings provide for some of the children their one well-balanced meal each day. Most Kenyans eat one big meal each day.

Rebecca West and Shelia January enjoy teaching the children about Europe during Academics. Each day there are four activity sessions, Bible Study, Recreation, Crafts, and Academics for the four age groups: 4-6 yr., 7-9 yr., 10-12 yr. and youth

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Team Two Arrives!

Never Any Doubt...
Despite circling Detroit at least twice, barely making the connection at our international gate, and standing in a long line to board the plane in Amsterdam, Team Two actually made it to Nairobi on time and with all our luggage!

Lucia Johnson, Michal Parker, Ed Arnold and Meg Hunt arrived in Nairobi Saturday evening and were met by Floyd and Bernard. We then headed to The Kentmere Club to see Bonnie and the Team Two members.

Everyone was glad to be here and looking forward to a great morning of worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ at Koinonia Baptist Church.

Smile....You're on Koinonia Camera

Adrian Giorgiov preaching at Koinonia on Sunday morning. Duncan is the translator.

Kevin Jones brings greetings for the Grace Team and Grace Church. Bernard sends Koinonia greetings their partners in the Gospel Grace Church, Greenville.

Ed Arnold and Benson are discussing the finer points of auctions. Bonnie Parker listens in as the "winner" in the great bidding war during the youth fund raiser.

Dennis Mwangi shares his "testimony" in song. The 4 yr old led the church in singing "Yes, Lord". The congregation stood and spontaneously started singing joyously with him.

The youth of Koinonia held an auction to raise funds to attend the FOBOCK Youth Conference Dec 12-16 in Nyeri. Boiled eggs, bananas, watermelon slices, and a sugar cane were auctioned. A great bidding war broke out over the sugar cane. Soon the entire congregation became involved as Bonnie and Floyd led the bidding. Eventually, the women led by Bonnie and Lucy Mwangi were able to outbid Floyd and his backers by 50 Kenya Shillings. In the end, the bidders all joined together to purchase the sugar cane. Bonnie and Lucy hold up the sugar cane as the congregation celebrates.