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Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday: God-Given Visions Becoming Reality

The day began with a breakfast meeting between Bernard, Floyd, and Bonnie discussing the development of the Kenyan property.  We outlined long-term development including a home, group housing, business training center, and secondary school.
Soon, Mpeli joined the three. Mpeli and Bernard discussed church planting, leadership development, and outlined dates for future partnerships through 2015.  This was a great day fulfilling part of the vision of Teleios Ministry.  Bernard and Mpeli joining together to help each other in their respective ministries in Kenya and Tanzania.   

Bonnie and Neema visited “No Name” Kindergarten in Mbeya.  Teleios partners helped four women develop their vision of a kindergarten for children in a slum area of Mbeya.  The building has been completed enough to begin the school.  The picture above shows one class with their head teacher (the young man) and two ladies who are helping out. The women are pressing on despite some setbacks due to changes in regulations.  Also, when they dug the septic tank for the school, they hit a spring of water.  They had to start over digging in a different location.  The good news is that no spring was in that location. The women sold trees for timber in order to raise funds for building the sewer/toilet system and to pay salaries of teachers.

Just before lunch, Mpeli, Neema, Bernard, the Rev. James Mwaisumbe (Mpeli’s father), the Rev. Robert (local pastor), the Rev. Harry Mwasanjala (Neema’s Father), Pawdre Scout (Headmaster of Bread of Life Secondary School), Bonnie, and Floyd came together to pray for the new Bread of Life Secondary School and for Revs. Mwaisumbe and Mwasanjala, who both lost their wives in 2013.

The group also came together to lay hands on Pawdre Scout. The pastors have been very involved in Pawdre’s life, especially his involvement in secondary education.  Floyd encouraged the group using Philippians 3:12-16.

After the prayer time and sharing together God’s work in each’s life, the group had lunch together.   The meal was outstanding with delicious roasted chicken.  Some enjoyed ice cream. Rev. Robert had never eaten ice cream before.  He enjoyed it.  
We all went different ways getting ready for tomorrow, Saturday, as Mpeli, Neema, and Pawdre head to Iringa, and Bernard, Bonnie, and Floyd head for Dar es Salaam.  Bernard will fly to Nairobi and Bonnie and Floyd will fly to Amsterdam, Atlanta, and then Greenville.
For Bonnie and me, it has been 29 days since we were in Greenville.  We are looking forward to being at home for a few weeks.  Thank you so much for your prayers and e-mails of encouragement.   

Thursday: Who Would Have Believed This Day Would Come?


Mpeli, Neema, Bernard, Bonnie, and I (Floyd) arrived at Kibisi Baptist Church for our last day of teaching.  The conference was organized by Daily Bread Life Ministries (Mpeli, Neema, Pawdre Scout, Sadiki Gzuma, and Raymond Mwalisu). 
We were greeted with a message by Pastor Mwaisango, the retired General Secretary of the Moravian Church in Tanzania.  He encouraged the church leaders from Psalms 91:9: "God as our refuge in the storm."  The Rev. Harry Mwasanjala then called Bonnie and Floyd to the front.  I was given a spear to “protect my family.”  Harry reminded me that the greatest weapon of protection was the Word of God.  Bonnie was given a farm tool to meet the needs of the family.  The tools were handmade in Kibisi for us. They are the “ancient tools” of the tribe.  

A very special act of encouragement, acceptance, and blessing was the laying on of hands with prayer for us as the Kibisi church adopted us as members and was sending us out on mission with their blessing.  Pastor Mwaisango and Pastor Stephen Ambindwile led in prayer for Bonnie and me. This was very meaningful for Bonnie and me.

Bonnie taught on “Being a Godly Woman” and the encouragement of women by their pastors to fulfill the vision that God had given them.  The book of Esther served as a model for this session.   Floyd taught on how to practically develop trust within the church - "the trust of people in God and God."  Bernard had the last session of the day completing the teaching on leadership development using practical guidance.   

Bonnie, Floyd, Mpeli, and Harry went to the property that Harry has given to his “daughter” Bonnie to discuss development of the property.  Who would have ever believed that this would happen?  Harry has declared Bonnie his daughter and given her a place among his people.  Neema and the rest of the family have received the gift with excitement.

Bonnie and I are very humbled by becoming a part of the Mwasanjala family.  The property is beautiful with a large avocado tree, bananas, and borders the river.  We will begin development of the property this year to be used to enhance the economy of the area, provide a place for ministry partners to come and teach and work in the area, and to provide support for local ministry needs.

Raymond Mwalisu, who has led the praise and worship throughout the conference, led as we sang and danced the conference to a close.  Raymond is a phenomenal worship leader and singer with a humble and exciting spirit.  We are always blessed when he joins us for conferences or worship.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It Was A Good Day

We had a good day today. The worship, praise times, listening to the choir, and enjoying lunch together - all went really well.

Some have asked what we are eating while we're here. Lunch at the conference has been chicken (really good), beef stew, greens, potatos, rice, fresh avocados, and fresh bananas. It has been a feast!

Bonnie making an illustration during her teaching.
Way at the back is the "Queen!"

Floyd teaching on cost.

Bernard writes down his points.

Bernard teaching and asking questions.
Dancing to our favorite song.

Canaan Choir presents the Gospel.

Lunch was a feast!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Conference in the Homeland of Tukuyu

Today, we began the conference in Tukuyu hosted by the Rev. Harry Mwasanjala, the chief in the Nyakyusa.  Bonnie spoke on Spiritual Disciplines, Bernard spoke on Leadership, and Floyd spoke on trust as the foundation for relationship with God and each other.

We had a great time of worship. You should see Bonnie cut loose in dancing with her people. The Canaan Baptist Church Choir is outstanding.  Raymond also led in worship along with Sadiki.  Pawdre Scout translated for Bonnie. Bernard did not need a translator as he spoke Swahili. Mpeli translated for Floyd.

We had to stop for a few dozen bananas this morning on the way to the conference. We had a great time at the conference.

Harry has claimed Bonnie and Floyd as his children. He has adopted Bonnie as his daughter. In spite of the pouring rain, we visited the property that Harry has given to Queen Bonnie. We also visited the grave of our mother, Catherine Mwasanjala, who went to be with the Lord in late November.  

Bernard Kabaru speaking to the group.

Bernard making a point.

Now this is happy praise!

Neema and Bonnie join in the dancing.

Bonnie teaching as Pawdre Scout translates for her.
Canaan Baptist Church Choir is my favorite.

Canaan Baptist Church Choir leading praise.
Floyd and Bonnie dancing again.
Floyd teaching while Mpeli translates for him.
Mpeli working on trust with his trusted friends.

Bonnie, Neema, and Harry visit the "Queen's" property.

Promised Pictures from Sunday

Checking in at the Iringa Airport.
Joe watching the loading of the bags.

Loading up the bags.
How many bags can you put on one plane?

Trey, Kim, and Kip buckling up.

Goodbye, Iringa...into blue skies.

Getting settled in close quarters.

Leslie checking out the landscape below.

Beauty of the Indian Ocean.

Made it to Dar - next stop, Zurich.

Tony enjoying fresh coconut milk...
straight from the coconut!

Back at DBLCH, Bernard speaks to the children and staff.

The new windows are in!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Together Again and Home

This morning, Bonnie, Bernard, and Neema left Iringa for Mbeya with Neema driving. According to Mpeli, they made it to Mbeya in record time. Mpeli and I flew out of Dar Es Salaam and arrived in Mbeya about the same time that "Air Neema" and her passengers arrived.  The rain was very heavy creating rivers beside and across the roads.

We got settled at the hotel, then we visited with Agrey and Chris from DBLCH who are now attending vocational college in Mbeya. We had a great time visiting with them and meeting their teachers and leaders of the college. 

Mpeli's father, the Rev. James Mwaisumbe, was our next stop. We had a great visit with him, too. He was so excited that we stopped by. He really enjoyed talking with Bernard; they have known each other a long time. He shared with us his heart since the loss of his wife last year. He is a gracious, humble, and faithful servant of God. He continues to serve as a church planter.

Tomorrow, we begin teaching conference sessions in Tukuyu with Harry Mwsanjala at his home church. We are looking forward to a great time with him.

We promise to post pictures tomorrow to catch up. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Day of Emotions

Today was a day filled with emotions...all kinds.  We gathered for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. Some of the team had gone early to the DBLCH compound across from the house to spend a few last minutes among the children and look over all that has been accomplished during the last ten10 days.

Our schedule was altered a little when we received a call from the Iringa Airport saying the pilot and plane had arrived several hours early. The pilot was anticipating afternoon storms and felt it would be good to get in the air as soon as the team could come to the airport. It was decided to move up the worship time here at Mpeli and Neema's home and leave early.

Worship included songs, a message from Floyd and Mpeli, and a challenge from Kip. Floyd spoke on the opportunities/times that God provides in order that we might find Him and journey through life growing spiritually and fulfilling the purposes for which we were created. Kip challenged the team to consider "What are you pursuing? What will you do with that if you acquire or accomplish it?  When is enough, enough?" We closed with various team members praying. It was a moving time.

Once all the luggage was loaded, Stephen drove the DBLCH bus filled with the team, Mpeli and Floyd to the airport. Kip, Kim and Bonnie rode with Neema. Pawder Scout joined us at the airport to say Kwaheri (good-bye)  Joy, sadness, a sense of accomplishment, and a "ready to be home" attitude filled the air! It has been wonderful; however the time has come to depart! It took the pilot and the airport attendant several times of arranging and re-arranging to get the luggage in and balanced.  You know us Americans with ALL of our stuff!  At last the plane was loaded, everyone buckled in, and up, up, and away....the January 2014 Eastern Team was winging their way to Dar es Salaam from Iringa.

Bonnie, Bernard Kabaru, Pawder Scout and Neema returned to a quiet house and had a very relaxing afternoon. At 6:30, we went for worship with the children. Kabaru brought the message. The children love him so much.

By the way, the new windows have now been installed in the boys' side of the dormitory.

Just a note of regret...I (Bonnie) am a little technologically challenged and have been unable to re-size today's pictures in order to post them. With some help tomorrow maybe we can post them. 


Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Last Full Day

Staff gave gifts to the Eastern Team.
Austin showing off his new hairstyle.
Kim and Ardon in the Baby Room.
Chris and Leslie showing off soccer skills.

Rose jumping rope.

Stephen loads up to score.

Rudy directing his team.
Floyd in trouble.
Cow Whisperer.

The windows arrive.
Neema presents her Swahili-speaking friend, Tony, with a gift.

During the night, heavy rains began to fall. Thunderstorms shook the the place. Team members agreed it was the loudest thunder they'd ever heard. By early afternoon the rain had stopped. It had been a slow morning with the team visiting with one another. Bernard Kaubara Mwangi arrived during the height of the storm! What a frightening experience.  He's come to Tanzania to participate in next week's conference in Mbeya with Floyd, Bonnie, Neema and Mpeli.

On Saturdays the children pray and fast. We were invited to participate. A few members of the team went to the early morning session, and all of us went at 2:00.  The staff presented the team with gifts of appreciation.

It had been decided that work was done and today was going to be a day of relationship building. Early in the afternoon Trey went and played UNO with the children. When the prayers and fasting were complete some of the team dressed out along with the children and played a fierce game of soccer. Rudy and Stephen's team took the win! While the soccer game was in progress, cows began to meander towards the field. Floyd, the "Cow Whisperer," was called to duty and the game was saved! Jumping rope, spending time in conversation with one another, and playing soccer took up the rest of the day.

Kim and Bonnie visited the babies at the Ardon Baby Room. Austin and Ardon were just waking up from their afternoon nap. (with a little help from the ladies) The family continues to grow.

The windows arrived and the window company began installation. We were excited that we're able see them in place before flying out of Iringa.

After dinner, Neema thanked the team for partnering with DBLCH and gave each person a small carved elephant. Tomorrow morning we will gather for breakfast at 8:30 then worship at the house together. Mpeli, Floyd and the Eastern Team will fly to Dar es Salaam where the team will begin their long trek home.

It has wonderful week! Friendships have been established and others strengthened. Memories of working together, praying and worshiping together will bond us as family forever.