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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Romania Trip 5/27/06

Great And Marvelous Are Thy Works

Today the Teleios Team had the opportunity to share in some of God's greatest creations in Romania. We traveled to a gorge north of the camp in the Carpathian Mountains. Although it was a rainy, overcast day, the beauty of God's creation was breath taking. As we stood next to the mountains in the gorge, we were reminded "how great and marvelous" are the works of our Father. We wanted to share a glimpse of what we saw and enjoyed today with you.....

Ed shares a "Kodak Moment" with two shepherds.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Romania Trip 5/26/06

Eighth Day On The Job - It Is Finished!

Today the Teleios Team had the opportunity to celebrate the completion of the installation of the Infiltrator System. As the last connections were made for Trench # 10, dirt began to fill the other trenches and the system was placed into service - just in time for the start of the Hungarian Baptist Women's Conference! The team took the opportunity to take in some sight seeing around the area and some "last minute" shopping. Our first stop was Sighisoara, where we had the chance to see and climb up into the Clock Tower and to have a guided tour of the "Church on the Hill", which was started in 1429.

Our next stop was Bran Castle ("Dracula's Castle") - where we had the opportunity to be there on the day that Romania returned the castle to the Hapsburg family. Due to the occasion, the castle was closed to visitors but that did not stop the team from shopping the market around the castle grounds. After a light lunch and much shopping, we returned to the camp to meet Janos and Imbre for dinner in Vlahita. Janos and Imbre are the two brothers that assisted the team with the excavation of the trenches and sewer line ditches for the project. They have been a blessing to us all and we are grateful that God allowed our paths to cross and that we had the privilege to spend the past 8 days working beside them.

As the team prepares for the weekend, thoughts turn to packing, preparing for the flight home and seeing our much missed family, friends and pets. We thank you for your continued prayers and emails. This project has been a wonderful experience for us all and we look forward to what God has in store for each of us as we strive to glorify Him as we serve others.

Leah, Ed, Bonnie, Floyd, Meg & 'Becka

The Teleios Team celebrates the completion of the Infiltrator System installation.

All trenches are filled with dirt to complete the project.

The end of the line.

A visit to the "Church on the Hill" in Sighisoara.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Romania Trip 5/25/06

Seventh Day On The Job.... Let's Meet 'Becka
This morning the Teleios Team awoke to rain and overcast skies. We were hoping for a clear, dry day but the rain started around 7:30 am and broke by mid morning. We were grateful for the overcast skies as we worked to finish the last two trenches and install the remainder of the Infiltrator System. We were fortunate to have several Hungarians that work at the camp assist us with the work today as the conditions were very muddy on the worksite and much "hand shoveling" of dirt was required to fill in the sides of the trenches. This opportunity allowed for several of the workers to help with the installation of the system and they were excited to be a part of the project. In addition, this has allowed for the expansion of the Teleios Team to include our Hungarian brothers as we all celebrate in the work the Lord is allowing us to do for Him.

"Sewer Man" and "Sewer Boy" worked throughout the day installing the remainder of the Infiltrator chambers as "Puff Mama" and "Birthday Girl" assisted with trench work and relaying supplies for the chamber installation. By the end of the day, the last of the 10 trenches was complete and the Infiltrator System was installed. The only work that remains is filling the trenches with dirt and removing equipment from the work area.

We ask that you continue to pray for the team as we work to complete the installation of the system and prepare for our final days in Romania. Thank you for your prayers and support and for the opportunity to share our journey with you. Have a blessed day!

Leah, Ed, Bonnie, Floyd, Meg and 'Becka

Ed and Floyd complete the installation of chambers in Trench 8.

Meg and Floyd lower the first chamber into Trench 9.

Floyd and "Joseph" prepare the connecting pipe between Trenches 8 and 9.

Infiltrator System at Harghita Christian Camp.

Leah had the opportunity to interview 'Becka.....Let's hear what she had to say:

'Becka shares about the Cess Pit Project during worship services Sunday morning.

Leah – What have you found to be the most challenging thus far?
Becka- Probably the language barrier - communicating to others what work needs to be done. And dealing with the weather has been a bit of a challenge.

Leah – What is your experience with planning work such as this?
Becka – I have to do this everyday in my own work. With this project, we just do not have the experience and the equipment as we do in the U.S.A. So, we have to learn how to use what they have in Romania.

Leah – How do you like your Teleios team?
Becka – Oh, I love my Teleios team! I could not think of anyone better to do this with. If we had better tools to work with it would be a much easier job. The next thing you know we will have to move the dirt around with toothpicks.

Leah – In your experience in working with operators how does this compare?
Becka – I think the skill level of the Hungarian equipment operators on this project are comparable to what I’ve seen in my experience. But, if they had better tools they would be better than what I’ve seen in the U.S.A. in regards to workmanship.

Leah – What do you think of the ("English-Hungarian") sign language we have to use?
Becka – It’s a challenge.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Romania Trip 5/24/06

Sixth Day On The Job - Watch the Teleios Infiltrator System Installers in Action....Let's Meet Leah

"It is God's Spirit that changes the atmosphere of our way of looking at things, and then things begin to be possible which before were impossible." ("Getting Into God's Stride", Oswald Chambers "My Utmost For His Highest"). This is an excerpt from the morning devotion the Teleios Team read today and it helped the team to focus and strive to "get into God's stride", especially as the day progressed for the team. It was a busy and productive day with a few frustrating "bumps in the road" that required us to release our individual viewpoint of how things should be done and to focus our eyes upon God's vision for the project so to serve Him as He desires for us and for His work at the camp. Our prayer is that we can continue to be open to God's Spirit during the remainder of the trip so that we may be used as He wills.

After refreshing our memories on how to install the Infiltrator System (via a handy DVD on our laptop), the Teleios Team set out to become Infiltrator System Installers. We loaded a trailer full of Infiltrator chambers (there are 80 to install) and set out for the field. Each member of the team had their "first hand experience" of installing the chambers, except of course the "Boss Lady" because she had to tell the team how to do it - just kidding, and once we had the hang of it, we were able to install a trench full of Infiltrator chambers within 40 minutes. This of course resulted in many "Go Ed, Go Bonnie, Go Floyd, Go Leah, Go Meg" Victory Dances which have become a regular in the field for the Teleios Team. Our Hungarian friends assisting with the work are now quite entertained by our victory dances and I predict very soon we will be doing victory line dances in Hungarian -- Romanian Idol here we come!

The day ended with 8 of the 10 trenches being dug and 5 trenches completed with the Infiltrator System. Work continued on preparing the remaining trenches for receiving the Infiltrator chambers (ensuring they were level and sloped appropriately) and we were grateful for another sunny, dry, hot day. Tomorrow we hope to finish digging the last trenches and installing the remainder of the chambers.

The Teleios Team thanks you for your continued prayers and emails - it has been a real encouragement for us all. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Leah, Ed, Bonnie, Floyd, Meg and 'Becka

Floyd and Ed connect the sewer inlet pipe to the first Infiltrator chamber.

One trench down, nine more to go!

Bonnie worked with Floyd (and a wayward snake) to lay the first trench of Infiltrator chambers.

Ed and Floyd connect the first chamber of the second trench of the Infiltrator System.

Meg and Floyd begin installing the Infiltrator System in the third trench. The vertical pipes extending from the Infiltrator System are for inspection ports into the system.

Meg and 'Becka prepare the floor of the fifth trench for installation of chambers.

Meg had a chance to "brush off" her interview skills and interview Leah - let's see what Leah had to say....

Leah ("Sewer Princess in training" in the red hat) helps with the bucket brigade on Tuesday.

Meg - Why did you sign up for this mission trip?
Leah - Because I wanted to see a different place and I thought I could help.

Meg - In this first week, what has been the most challenging adjustment you have had to make compared to home?
Leah - Not being able to understand most of the people and adjusting to the time change, plus not having my sisters running around me.

Meg - In what way do you see God's hand at work in this project?
Leah - By figuring out how to communicate with others and letting us have what we need as far our equipment goes, even if it's not what we are used to working with at home.

Meg - What part of the job have you enjoyed the most?
Leah - The digging and filling in of the trenches.

Meg - What part of the job have you liked the least?
Leah - Having to wear my white Tyvek suit, because it's hot and too big.

Meg - What would you tell your friends at home if they if they felt like they couldn't participate in a mission trip like this one (if they thought they were too young, etc.)?
Leah - I'd say you never know until you try, and you should always try new things because it builds character in your life.

Meg - What character building aspects have you seen in yourself these first few days?
Leah - Developing perseverance.

Meg - Have you seen anything with the wastewater system project that you'd like to explore as possible career?
Leah - No.

Meg - What is one thing as far as character building traits you hope to continue to develop when you get home?
Leah - Perseverance and hard work.

Meg - Are you having fun?
Leah -Yes, I am having fun.

Meg - How is the food?
Leah - The food is really good - I think dessert is my favorite part.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Romania Trip 5/23/06

Fifth Day On The Job ...... The Infiltrator System Arrives

Today the Teleios Team awoke to a bright, sunny morning and the sound of several cuckoo birds - we keep hoping they can pick another song soon :) Excitement filled the air as we knew that we would have a good, dry day to work with and that the Infiltrator chambers were on their way. Trench drying and digging was a priority as we worked to dig 2 more of the 10 trenches needed for the system. As groundwater made it's way into Trench # 1 during the night, the Teleios Team learned the fine art of "bucket brigading" to remove the mud that accumulated at the end of the first trench. This was a great workout for Puff Mama and Her Peeps and she even learned a few more moves that she plans to show her homegirls at Curves when she gets back to Greenville. Most of the field work today was focused on preparing the trenches for the Infiltrator System.

Other work in the morning included disinfecting the largest of two drinking water reservoirs so that it would be ready to provide ample water for the Hungarian Baptist Women Conference that begins on Friday. By lunchtime, the team learned that there was a glitch in processing the paperwork through Customs and that the truck transporting the Infiltrator System would nor arrive at the camp until later in the evening so the team did what it does best, adjusted to the circumstances and went shopping in Odorheiu! Ed was able to almost complete his shopping list for everyone in Ware Shoals and Leah browsed for the perfect gifts for those on her list. While the team shopped, digging continued on the trenches (despite a broken bucket on the backhoe that was repaired after lunch) and the truck cleared Customs and was enroute to the camp.

After 7:00 pm, the truck arrived with the Infiltrator chambers and the team and others went to work unloading the truck and headed back to the field to set the proper level for the sewer pipe that enters the Infiltrator System. The team worked late into the evening, finishing at dusk, which was close to 9:00 pm. It was a long, productive day and team was ready to become expert "Infiltrator Installers" by morning.

"Puff Mama" and her "Peeps" perfect the "bucket brigade" move that she will share with her homegirls at Curves in Greenville. The bucket brigade was used to remove mud from Trench # 1.

The Infiltrator System has arrived!

The Teleios Team unloads the Infiltrator System.

"Sewer Man Norton" places the first Infiltrator chamber in Trench # 1 to verify the the level needed for the sewer inlet pipe for the system.

"Sewer Man Norton" and "Handsome Sewer Boy" check the level of the inlet pipe to the Infiltrator System.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Romania Trip 5/22/06

Fourth Day On The Job.....Let's Meet Meg

Today presented many challenges for the Teleios Team. The camp received several inches of rain during the weekend which proceeded to fill up the two trenches prepared for the Infiltrator chambers. So the team and several workers from the camp began their morning communicating with Hungarian-English sign language and prioritizing the tasks for the day. Based on the dimensions of the trenches, close to 100,000 gallons of water needed to be pumped out of the trenches before work could begin. In addition, the ground was so wet and muddy that moving heavy equipment in the area became a calculated task with each move. So the Teleios Team had a busy day ahead of them with several opportunities for new team member names to evolve. By the end of the day, Leah move up an extra level towards "Sewer Princess", Meg remained the "Birthday Girl", Ed switched names between "Norton and Sewer Man", Bonnie became "Puff Mama" (due to her feet swelling), Floyd became the "Handsome Sewer Boy" and Rebecca remained "Boss Lady". It was also decided that those of us girls that worked with Bonnie during the day were called "Puff Mama and her Peeps". Now that you understand who is who, we can continue to describe the day.

Once the team pumped the water out of the trenches we began to "relevel" the ground for the chambers and dig 2 more trenches for the day. We also received news that the truck from Poland delivering the Infiltrator System was in northern Romania and scheduled to arrive in Brasov by 9:00 pm this evening. This was exciting news because Gyula could help process the delivery through Customs on Tuesday morning with hopes that the System could arrive to the camp after lunch on Tuesday.

As worked continued through the day, the sun came out and helped to dry the ground and trenches. The team asks you to continue to pray for clear, sunny days and strength for the team to persevere with the work ahead.

The morning devotion for the team was about "Gracious Uncertainity" (from Oswald Chambers "My Utmost For His Highest") within this devotion Oswald noted that "To be certain in God means that we are uncertain in all our ways, not knowing what tomorrow may bring. This is generally expressed with a sign of sadness, but it should be an expression of breathless expectation. We are uncertain of the next step but we are certain of God. As soon as we abandon ourselves to God and do the task He has placed closest to us, He begins to fill our life with surprises....But when we have the right relationship with God, life is full of spontaneous, joyful certainty and expectancy. Leave everything to Him and it will be gloriously and graciously uncertain how He will come in - but you can be certain that He will come. Remain faithful in Him."
This devotion was so applicable to the situation the team faced Monday morning the neat thing was that God provided us with this message to help us refocus on what was important as we started our day with what seemed like an overwhelming list of tasks ahead of us. By the end of the day we were able to celebrate the completion of the digging of two addition trenches and an deeper appreciation for communicating with others through language barriers to accomplish a common goal. We are grateful for the privilege God has given each of us to be a part of His work at Camp Harghita and we look forward to our future surprises with this project as we strive to glorify Him in all that we do.

Two of the trenches for the Infiltrator System filled with water during the rains received Sunday.

"Boss Lady" and "Handsome Sewer Boy" work to translate the work priorities with Janos.

Removing rocks from the trenches for the Infiltrator System.

Leah had the chance to interview "Birthday Girl" and here is a chance for you to Meet Meg through the interview....

Meg (on the left) and Leah capture the GPS coordinates to map the sewer system for the camp.

Leah- Could you think of any better way celebrate your birthday?
Meg- Actually I can't. Birthdays are times to celebrate another year of experiences, and our trip to Harghita made this birthday one I'll never forget.

Leah- Is it fun to celebrate your birthday in another country? How did you celebrate?
Meg- It started this morning with all the staff and workers singing "Happy Birthday" to me after breakfast. Then, following a very busy day on the job, I was taken out to eat at a local restaurant where we celebrated with good friends from Romania and England while enjoying an outstanding Hungarian meal.

Leah- What's different about the people and the environment on this trip to Harghita?
Meg- When I was here in November we were working with people I already knew, so it was easy to do what we had to do with the assessment of their wastewater and water system. On this trip, the need for more people on the Teleios team and the operations team has made certain aspects, like language barriers and equipment difficulties, slightly more challenging.

Leah- Do you enjoy helping Rebecca with wastewater projects like this?
Meg- Most definitely because it gives me an opportunity to learn new skills, while assisting her with my abilities to help solve problems, as well as see the big picture and envision the result.

Leah- What's your favorite thing that we are doing?
Meg- Working together as brothers and sisters in Christ for the good of the environment of which the Lord made us stewards.

Leah- What do you think of the equipment and tools?
Meg- Well, that's not my area of expertise. However, I have used a decent shovel in my time and wouldn't mind having one with me on this trip.

Leah- What do you think of the shopping?
Meg- I'm still looking for that perfect gift for myself ... (and my sister, of course).

Leah- What are your abilities in projects such as this?
Meg- My diverse background allows me to bring a plethora of abilities to this project.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Romania Trip 5/21/06

A Day of Rest

The Teleios Team enjoyed their day of rest and had the opportunity to worship with some of the guest and staff at the Camp Harghita. After a busy and exhausting day on Saturday, we were happy to have a few extra hours of rest and time with each other. During the worship service, Floyd delivered the Message, Ed shared his testimony and sang a song for the gathering and Rebecca shared about the project that the Teleios Team was working on for Camp Harghita.

After worship, the team enjoyed a wonderful lunch and then headed for Korund, Romania, where they enjoyed seeing the beautiful landscapes and a bit of local shopping. Some members of the team even enjoyed a taste of some local "Cherry Juice" - you will need to ask Ed about this experience.

As we approach next week, the team asks that you will continue to pray for strength, flexibility, patience for the team and that each of us will reflect the love of Jesus to all that we share time with. We pray that you and your families will have a blessed weekend.

Leah, Ed, Bonnie, Floyd, Meg & 'Becka

The Teleios Team prepares to worship at Camp Harghita.

Ed shares his testimony and a song during the worship service.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Romania Trip 5/20/06

Third Day on the Job - A Mission Trip Not For Wimps!

Today was a busy day for the team and began with a set back first thing in the morning. As we arrived on the worksite, we realized that several sections of our sewer pipe were stolen during the night. We had to reorder new pipe and have it delivered that afternoon (a mere miracle in Romania) so that we could complete laying the sewer pipe that connects the septic tank to the Infiltrator System. This was a bit frustrating for the team but by mid-day we were back in stride, digging, shoveling, raking and doing our "Go Ed, Go Ed" Victory Dance. In addition, Leah (a.k.a. "Dirt Girl") learned new skills in laying and covering sewer pipe and is soon working her way up to "Sewer Princess" status (she has 7 more steps to go). And, Meg and Bonnie (a.k.a., "Birthday Girl" and "Old Woman") were shoveling fanatics today and boy can they fling...I mean, move some dirt! Meanwhile, Ed (a.k.a. "Norton" and "Sewer Man") cut the old connection from the septic tank and joined the new pipe from the septic tank to the Infiltrator System did such a fantastic job that the team started a new victory dance called the "Go Ed, Go Ed" Dance --- you have to see it to visualize the effect. And let's not forget about Dr. Floyd Parker (a.k.a. "Sewer Boy") - man can he lay and connect some sewer pipe!

The team completed laying and connecting the sewer pipe from the septic tank to the Infiltrator System today and dug two of the 50' trenches for the Infiltrator System. Our Teleios Team leader, Rebecca (a.k.a. "Boss Lady") was amazed at how our very tired team was able to accomplish so much in one day, especially given the set back in the morning. It was decided that this mission trip was not for wimps and we all have blisters, sunburned necks and bruises to prove it.

The team looks forward to tomorrow and plans to enjoy our day of rest with the Lord. We thank you for your continued prayers, emails and blog comments. Please continue to pray for our team as we will need additional financial partners to help cover the cost of the additional sewer pipe.

Ed (a.k.a. "Sewer Man") prepares the new pipe connection from the Septic Tank to the sewer line for the Infiltrator System.

Leah, (a.k.a. "Dirt Girl") moves a large rock to help fill in the excavated area near the new groundwater diversion line.

The Teleios Team connects the first piece of new sewer pipe that will feed the Infiltrator System to the septic tank.

Meg, Ed and Bonnie work with "tools" to cover the new groundwater diversion line.

Ed and Floyd take a break after laying the last piece of sewer pipe.

Floyd and Imre prepare the first trench for the Infiltrator Chambers.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Romania Trip 5/19/06

Second Day On The Job and.....Happy Birthday Meg!

The Teleios Team started their second day on the job bright and early Friday morning. We were grateful that it was a "bright morning" with the sun shining and rain clouds no where to be found. The sun rose around 5:00 am and the team enjoyed the sounds of a distant cuckoo bird in the field as we rose to prepare for another busy day. The backhoe operator was able to complete the excavation for the sewer line that will connect the septic tank to the new Infiltrator System and quickly finished the excavation this morning for the groundwater diversion line. The Teleios Team prepared the excavation area for the new Infiltrator System and began the "back-breaking" work of laying the groundwater diversion and sewer line. By the end of the day, the team completed laying the groundwater diversion line and prepared the trench for the sewer line that connects the septic tank to the Infiltrator System. It was a busy day with the team working in deep mud, trying to avoid the leaking wastewater from the present, failing sewer system and moving a lot of dirt and rocks by hand with shovels barely capable of shoveling dirt without bending.

Excavation of the trench for the new sewer line that will connect the septic tank to the Infiltrator System is complete.

Bonnie assists in transporting the sewer pipe to the work site.

Meg prepares the sewer pipe for installation.

We celebrated Meg's birthday in a restaurant in a local village.

The highlight of the day for the team was the opportunity to celebrate Meg's birthday. After a 10 hour day, the team cleaned up and had dinner at a local restaurant for the celebration. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal - and great desserts - and had the opportunity to see a stork nest on top of a power pole in front of the restaurant - with a Momma Stork in it - and the chance to see a cow find it's way home down the street of the restaurant. What an evening!

The Teleios Team thanks you for your many prayers as we enjoy the privilege God has provided to us to serve others through this project. We pray that you will have a blessed day and we look forward to seeing everyone upon our return.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Romania Trip 5/18/06

First Day On The Job.....Let's Meet Ed

The first day on the job was a busy one for the Teleios Team. Team members got an early start on the day which was spent coordinating supplies, locating the area for the new Infiltrator System for the camp, working with the backhoe operator and dancing between the raindrops.
Activities for the day included: (1) Capturing the GPS coordinates for the camp sewer infrastructure; (2) Locating an area to divert a groundwater drainage area from the location of the future Infiltrator System; (3) Purchasing sewer pipe and the fittings for the Infiltrator System;(4) Digging the trench for the sewer line that connects the existing septic tank to the Infiltrator System; (5) Laying out the chamber trenches for the Infiltrator System.
Meg and Leah capture the GPS coordinates for the wastewater infrastructure at the camp.
Bonnie, Floyd and Ed supervise the excavation for the sewer line trench for the sewer line connecting the septic tank to the Infiltrator System.
Needless to say, it was a busy first day with intermittent rain and persistent jet lag for the team. The Lord continues to show us that He is looking over the project as we learned that the Infiltrator System would be shipped from Poland to Camp Harghita tomorrow and arrive on Monday. In addition, with all of the necessary "digging" that was needed for the sewer line and groundwater diversion lines, we encountered very few rocks to hinder the excavation activities.
The Teleios Team thanks you for your continued prayers and support and we ask that you continue to pray for the team - for strength, adequate rest that restores our bodies for each day's work, and for our work in Romania to be to God's glory and His vision for Camp Harghita.
Ed Arnold, a.k.a.,"Ed Norton", measures the diameter of a groundwater drain that must be diverted from the location of the new Infiltrator System to be installed at Camp Harghita. Leah interviewed Ed and here is what he had to say....

Leah: What are your impressions of Romania?
Ed: It's very beautiful. The people are very friendly and the climate is wonderful.

Leah: What do you think of the camp?
Ed: The camp is God sent and will help people come to the Lord. A lot of fruit will transpire from it.

Leah: Why do you think wastewater is interesting?
Ed: It's a natural element that we live with. In which we need to respect and increase our knowledge about.

Leah: Do you have a background in wastewater?
Ed: I had thirty-one years in wastewater at the Ware Shoals Wastewater Facility in SC.

Leah: If you had a chance to do something eles what would it have been?
Ed: Nothing, unless I could have become a doctor and make millions of dollars.

Leah: How do you like the food?
Ed: Very good.

Leah: What was your veiw of the long wait at the railroad crossing on the road to Camp Harghita?
Ed: The time waiting could be improved and used for better things.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Romania Trip 5/17/06

Teleios Team Arrives In Romania

The Teleios Team arrived safely in Harghita after 17 hours of travel. Our flight across "the big pond" went well with several members of the team sharing hours of excited other words, we did not sleep on the plane. As we arrived in Brasov, Marta had prepared a wonderful dinner that was just enough to send us into a state of "sleepiness" as we traveled the last 2 hours of our trip to the camp. Once the team unpacked, it was only a matter of minutes before the Teleios Team was snoring the Hallelujah Chorus in Hungarian.

The Teleios Team arrives at the Borzsai's in Brasov.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Romania Trip 5/16/06

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…If anyone serves, he should do it with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever.”
I Peter 4:10-11

We are off to Romania
As the sun rises in Greenville this morning, the Teleios Mission Team will begin their journey to Romania. Excitement is in the air as a glorious day awaits. Pray that each member of our team will focus on how they will use their gifts and talents for God's glory so that our journey will fulfill His purpose, His desire and His will for us all. Thank you for sharing your time and prayers with us - have a blessed day! Next stop....Bucharest
Leah, Ed, Bonnie, Floyd, Meg and 'Becka

Teleios Ministry Team Members leave from Charlotte to meet Floyd and Gyula in Bucharest on Wednesday