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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday: Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Info will be added tomorrow. Bonnie and I arrived home just two hours ago. Thank you for your prayers.

Floyd and Bonnie

Sunday: Christmas Celebration, Worship, and Games

Sunday Morning: Kidete Worship and Baptism

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday: Getting Ready To Celebrate

Bonnie and I began the day with Stephen playing a few games with the children. We did a balloon race, then pop the balloon race, then egg carry (using spoons). This was great fun. After that, Bonnie and I organized supplies for the the Children Home.

The decorating began this afternoon for the Christmas Celebration tomorrow. Bonnie found some left over craft things and made really beautiful bows. Balloons via Kenya and spared from the balloon pop race this morning were also used to decorate. Please remember the Celebration in your prayers. This is a special day for the children and the staff. Tomorrow is a busy day for us. We will worship at Kidete in the morning, return to the children's home for Samuel's (Mpeli and Neema's youngest son) baptism, and then the Christmas Celebration (includes worship service, lunch, and the playing games). Remember the children as they present the WISEMEN pageant produced by Bonnie and directed by Stephen.

Part of the afternoon was spent just goofing off. The checkers game features a cardboard board with Coca Cola Bottle caps verses Water Bottle Tops. You see that some of them found a way to dream of "open road".

Did I mention that we still have no water? It seems no water for seven days from Iringa City Water. There was no water in the city. So, we got water from the farm in Kidete. Who would have thought that the farm would supply water to Mpeli and Neema's house.

The outside finishing was completed on the secondary dorm. Also, the bathrooms were being completed. All the plumbing lines are in--the tile work is what is left.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Thank you for your prayers. The thunderclouds formed and the rain came. I took a picture to show how dry it was this morning (no city water for over 2 days). Rain and thunderstorms even knocked out the power this afternoon. Again, thank you for your prayers. Please continue to pray for the rain especially at the farm.

Bonnie led the children in book mark crafts this morning. They loved being able to use the scissors and glue. The age did not matter--Your own pair of scissors, glue, markers, and yarn—now that is happiness. Esau, the new little boy, has found a secure place in Bonnie’s lap. Ima, the old little boy, has taken exception to Esau’s occupying Bonnie’s lap and seems a rivalry is brewing among the “little boys”. Dereck added a bill to his crown and wore it all day. It looks pretty cool—kinda like a military cap with no top. Alex has been in charge of the props--he drew the camel. Dan joined him in finishing the coloring of the camel. Stephen has been “directing” the best Christmas pageant ever of the wisemen for the Christmas Celebration on Sunday. Please remember the Celebration in your prayers. Many government officials, business people, and local dignitaries have accepted their invitations. This is an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We were going to play outside but the RAIN came and so that is tomorrow.

The secondary school dormitory is really taking shape and is looking great. Today they continued putting on the outside finishing (stucco), the ceiling supports, the toilets are being built, and the tile being laid in the showers. A new innovation is a gray water system for recycling the shower water for watering plants and some cleaning (vehicles, etc). We learned of new rules regarding the construction of such dorms coming into effect next year. Due to the insight of the Teleios partner who drew the plans that is not an issue.