Teleios Ministry

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thursday to Saturday: FOBOCK CONFERENCES

With Adrian and Ruth joining Mitchell, Bernard, Joseph Kamau, and I we began the Gatunguru conference Thursday morning. Kevin, Robin, Peter, and Jesse were at Kanunga. Both areas are in the Central Highlands in very productive coffee and tea areas. In fact, it was harvest time in both areas. The small farmers of the areas are part of cooperatives that make it possible for them to sell their coffee and tea. The have assigned days that their coffee can be taken by the processors. Thursday was the day in Gatunguru and Friday was the day in Kanunga. The number of churches represented were good and the number of participants for each site averaged around 20. Each had at least 10 churches participating which is a great number. For all four conferences during the week, there were over 60 churches represented. This was a great number of churches and especially church leaders.

The great ares of need are marriage relationships and leadership development. Mitchell began our conference each day with an exposition of 2 Timothy 2. Each evening workshops on Men's Ministry (Mitchell and Bernard)and Women's Ministry (Ruth and Adrian) were held. The questions and responses to the conference were great. The new format of regional conferences verses one large conference was proven to be the best way for the future by impacting more people and churches.

Mitchell and I were able to catch a coffee cooperative processing coffee beans in the afternoon. Ruth enjoyed learning and joining in with the ladies on their different responsibilities and just sharing with them. She even got the opportunity to pick some tea. The team got up early on Saturday morning to join the Kanunga team at the Kentmere. After an meeting to evaluate the conferences, the Grace Team left for a safari at Lake Nakuru. Adrian and Ruth met with Robert of Koinonia for the Pro Africa partnership. Floyd and Bernard shopped for the upcoming VBS at Happy Day and picked up the ACTS Team arriving on Saturday night.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday: Rest, Travel, and Preparation

This morning Mitchell and I had a easy morning as we had a late breakfast and waited on Bernard to pick us up for our journey to Thika. While we waited we walked the grounds of the Kentmere, worked on our notes, packed up our stuff, and just hung out. It was a beautiful morning. The rain has made everything green and the flowers are blooming. Rose is captured in the picture as she headed across the lawn with a 24 pack of bottled water on her head--no hands--balanced on her head. Yes, 24 .5 liter bottles about 12 lbs.

Mitchell took some great pictures of the streets of Thika and businesses. I wanted to see a few. We climbed high to the conference site and were greeted by Pastor Peter and his wife, Momma Rose. The women are called Momma plus the name of their first born. Soon, our long time friend, Pastor John, joined us. School children kept dropping by to see us and have a picture made. The little girl pictured below was scared of us--we were her first white faces. She never warmed up but kept a comfortable distance with a careful eye on our whereabouts.

We talked with Kevin and they arrived safely at their destination. Adrian and Ruth Giorgiov arrived from Oradea, Romania. The team for tomorrow is ready to go. Breakfast at 7 AM. Conference starts at 8:30 AM after a 45 minute drive. Thank you in advance for your prayers for the conferences. We thank you for the your prayers the past days as the conferences went very well and laid ground work for the future. The new system of four conferences in each region rather than one large conference is proving to be the way to go. Already the number of church leaders and churches represented is equal to the past conferences. These are exciting days. Please pray as the coming teams are finishing their last minute preparations. More tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday: Rain Doesn't Dampen Enthusiasm

Last night, it rained and was still raining this morning when we woke up. In fact, it rained until mid-morning. The skies cleared in time for morning tea time.

Mitchell taught the morning session. First, he taught from 2 Timothy and then he taught on Christian leadership and motivation. We had our usual tea time. I drink mine without and Mitchell drinks his with. Tea time is always a great time of laughter and friendship.

Today for lunch we had my favorite: rice, lentils cooked with carrots and tomatoes, and sautéed cabbage with some carrot. In the afternoon, I taught as Mitchell once again wandered the streets of Limuru. My sessions were on Christian leadership development. The session went quickly, but not quick enough to avoid a few "heavy" eyes.

After the sessions, we had our second tea and took a group photo. Mitchell concluded the day teaching on men and their wives in marriage. The men agreed that marriage/family issues were a crisis for the church. Please pray for men and women of faith to enjoy strong marriages centered in Jesus Christ. Today was great because we dealt with some issues in very relevant and practical ways.

Both of us were rather tired tonight. Tomorrow we leave for Thika and the second conference. We haven't heard from Kevin and Robin. However, booklets for them were discovered in a piece of luggage Mitchell had.

Tomorrow night, Adrian and Ruth Giorgiov, from Oradea, Romania, will be joining us in Thika. We are looking forward to the second conference.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday: Teaching Begins

Today began early with breakfast at 7 AM and Mitchell and I (Floyd) hitting the road for the FOBOCK (Fellowship of Baptists of Central Kenya) Leadership Conference at Limuru Baptist Church. Kevin and Robin began their teaching at Sipili Baptist Church. We received a report today that fifty leaders were at the Sipili.

Mitchell began the morning teaching on 2 Timothy 2. This is the theme chapter for the conference. The theme verse is 2 Timothy 2:15 "Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed." Pray for Mitchell as he covers that verse tomorrow.

At 10 AM it was tea time, we always have a choice of chai (One of our Kenyan brothers said it is mostly milk with a little tea for color) with sugar or without. The chai is really, really hot. You have to wait a while to drink it. Everyone gathers up in different groups and talks. There is always a lot of laughing. There is a nursery school at Limuru and the children were a constant source of handshakes and entertainment.

Bernard followed Mitchell teaching on What is Christian Leadership? The focal passage for Bernard's teaching was Proverbs 11:14. This is a favorite of Bernard's for teaching on leadership.

Lunch followed with more chai and generous helpings of rice, lentils, and carrots cooked together. Mitchell and I asked for reduced portions not due to taste but due to the generous helpings.

I taught in the afternoon on Christian Spiritual formation and what it means for leaders. The emphasis was on what is Spiritual Maturity, the way to Spiritual growth, and the evidence of Spiritual maturity in a person or community. Mitchell took the opportunity to wander the streets of Limuru providing the pictures of the area.

We had our afternoon tea break and ended the teaching time with workshops. Today, the two workshops one for men and another for women. Mitchell began the worship with a dialogue on Authentic Biblical Manhood and Bernard concluded the workshop for the men.

Tomorrow we conclude the teaching at the conference. Please remember to pray for our openness to the Spirit of God and the truth of His work. Thank you for your prayers.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday: Worship and Splitting Up

The Grace Team, Kevin Jones, Robin Bell, and Mitchell Poe, arrived safely last night--except one of Kevin's bags (arrived this afternoon). After breakfast, Kevin and Robin packed up Jesse's Subaru and headed for Sipili--they arrived this afternoon no problems.

Mitchell and I had a great time of worship with the Koinonia church. So many familiar faces made worshiping in the new sanctuary seem not so new. Mitchell on behalf of Grace Church, Greenville, greeted the Koinonia church. Bernard reminded everyone of their partnership. Many were asking where the ACTS Fellowship/Teleios VBS Team was--Bernard explained that they would be greeting everyone next Sunday. The praise team did a great job. With no electricity today, the praise team overcame and led in very meaningful and inspiring worship. Pastor Samuel led us in a prayer time and bible study. Pastor Bernard Kabaru Mwangi brought the message on Overcoming Storms in Jesus from John 6. There were a number of first time guests and many new people as well. A lot, I mean a lot of children.

Not much more to write on today. There is a picture of Mitchell practicing the spiritual gift of rest as we waited for the conference to get started. He says that has been blessed with this gift. Tomorrow the teaching begins please remember Mitchell, Bernard Kabaru, and Me as we teach.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I, Floyd, arrived last night in Nairobi. The feelings of coming through customs and out the doors to greet Bernard is always one that I enjoy. Robert was with him and we had a great time catching up on the way to Bernard and Mary's home. Mary and Shirley Kabaru had prepared a delicious Kikuyu meal with my favorite chapati. Then on to the Kentmere for a great nights sleep--well until the birds started singing around 5:30 AM this morning--this is the best time to pray. Bernard and I spent the day catching up and going over the details of the teams coming in over the next three weeks. Saw all my friends at the Kentmere--to all the previous team members they asked about each of you. Oh, Meg guess which cottage I am in. The Grace team arrives in about an hour. I am off to stuff myself for dinner. The flowers are lovely in the highlands. Some rain has come but not enough. Please continue to pray for the rain needed for the crops to grow and produce.

Tomorrow Mitchell and I stay in Limuru while Kevin and Robin head for Sipili (a little more remote). Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Going Home

Sorry for missing over a week. Bonnie and I begin our journey home in about 6 hours and should arrive by midnight tomorrow at home in Greenville.

I will be working on the blog as I travel home. Especially the final days of Kip's visit and the big event--Attila's and Adel's wedding.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. Floyd and Bonnie