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Monday, June 02, 2008

Day Two of Tanzania Trip: The Waffle House

First the great news is that Frank Strickland arrived safely in Dar Es Salaam today. The rest of us began our second day of our trip at the Waffle house on Pelham Road. Yesterday we spent 18 hours in beautiful Greenville Airport courtesy of United Airlines. Our 6 AM light was delayed because they did not have a crew to fly the plane. The rest is history as that delay caused us to miss plane after plane. Finally last night, after the last flight was delayed and we missed our last possible international connection, we left our new home away from home to enjoy another day.
Two United personnel were extremely helpful and deserve our praise especially Bobby C.

Today we begin our journey of Greenville to Washington, DC. to Frankfurt, Germany, to Dubai to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We should arrive on Wednesday, June 4. We are excited by what God has prepared for us. We never know why the delays but we are confident they have a purpose. Also, I, Floyd, testify that Bonnie, Greg, and Becky were great travelers yesterday--no complaints or fits. Seriously, they made the day very enjoyable and were a great encouragement to me.

Time to head to the Airport for the Great adventure.