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Monday, April 04, 2011

Tanzania Mbeya Women's Conference begins

First, we apologize for no pictures, but we still aren't able to get them for posting. Bonnie is texting information for the blog.

Today was the first official day of the conference and there are 38 women enrolled. Bonnie and Tina report that this conference has a different atmosphere than the Iringa conference. However, this is not negative - things are going great! This is just an observation as Neema, Bonnie, and Tina teach, dialogue, and pray with the women.

Pray for the women as they open up to God's Word and His Spirit as it teaches and guides them. Pray for Bonnie and Tina as they teach and interact with the women.
Pray for, Maka (Mark) Mwaisumbe, Neema and Mpeli's teen-age son. He is doing all the translation. Bonnie asks especially that you pray for him. He translated for Bonnie and Tina today for more than six hours at last text. Pray for his strength and focus as he translates.

The Mbeya conference will continue with a full day tomorrow and a half day on Wednesday. The gang will head back to Iringa on Wednesday afternoon. If all goes well, they will have a half-day safari on Thursday. Then they travel to Dar Es Salaam to fly home late Friday night. Your partnership in prayer is deeply appreciated.

Tanzanian Women's Conference Update Iringa

The Iringa, Tanzania, Women's Leadership/Pastor's Wives Conference exceeded expectations. Twenty-six women who attended the Iringa conference came from diverse backgrounds: Roman Catholic, Baptists, Pentecostals, Lutheran women. The women represented small villages, cities, and even the capital of Dar Es Salaam. They came from mud huts to government offices. As the conference was ending the women came together in an exciting and surprising way. The women decided to meet monthly for prayer for their churches, communities, and each other. This was not planned but just happened as the women responded to the teaching and dialogue with Bonnie and Tina. They were both excited about the impact of the conference for the women. Already, a conference is planned for next year.

Bonnie and Tina had little time to rest. The Iringa conference began on Wednesday night and ended on Saturday at lunch. Bonnie and Tina's luggage had arrived by Friday. The spent Saturday getting ready for their trip to Mbeya for the second women's conference.

The developments and responses of the Iringa conference excited Bonnie, Tina, and Neema at the possibilities for the Mbeya women's conference.

They left Sunday morning with Neema driving to Mbeya for the first time. They headed for their next great adventure. When they arrived in Mbeya for the conference on Sunday afternoon. They discovered the women were already arriving at the conference location. A evening worship service was organized because 32 women had arrived by the evening. Even before the conference began the Spirit of the Lord was moving among the women. Thank you for your partnership in prayer for these conferences.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Saturday: Floyd Home

I arrived home last night. Great to be home. A lot of opportunities for mission, partnerships, and invovlement for partners in life-changing work.

Talked with Bonnie this morning in Tanzania. The first women's conference in Iringa is over. She promises that if the electricity holds out in the area then she'll send a report. I think she wants to share some really exciting developments as a result of the conference, so I am waiting on her to share in this blog.

She and Tina are doing great. They leave tomorrow for Mbeya and the second women's leadership conference. Thank you in advance for your prayers.