Teleios Ministry

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Business Leaders Seminar!

Floyd leads discussion about moving from 
'survival mode to growth' and addressing fear.

Aug. 26, 2017

Floyd, Charles and Bernard joined the business clients of Life Change on Saturday for a roundtable discussion about moving from “survival mode” to “growing a Christ-honoring business.

Charles leads the afternoon session.

Charles, Samson, Boniface, Simon, James, 
Bernard, Grace, Judith, Timothy 
at The Westwood Hotel in Nyeri.

Celebrating In The Lord!

Participants in the Pastors' Wives Conference 
celebrate their love for Christ and each other!

Aug. 24, 2017
Thursday was an awesome day celebrating a joyous week of the Kieni West Pastors’ Wives conference.

Bonnie finished her teaching on Wednesday night, and today was all celebration with gifts, cake and ice cream and praising the Lord. One of the best parts of the day was traveling together to each of the pastors’ wives homes greeting their families and having a cup of tea (or more). Yes, tea at every house!

The Women's Conference with the Kieni West Women was held Saturday. Kim taught as Robert translated. Bonnie wrapped up the conference. One of the women said, "We could stay here all day!"

Participants in this year's Pastors' Wives 
Conference are, from left, Mary, Alabinah (with David), 
Leah, Kim, Irene, Jane, Beatrice, Ruth, 
Bonnie, Joyce, and Ann (with Patience).

 Kim presents gifts from Kenny Pipe 
to conference participants.

 Cake and tea were the refreshments of the day.

More cake and more tea are shared.

In the spirit of friendship and love, 
the women thank the young men who cooked and 
served the meals throughout the conference.

Kim leads the Kieni West Women's Conference 
session on Saturday.

The women attending the Kieni Women's 
Conference join in praising God.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Pastors' Wives Conference Continues

Ann, Joyce and Mary talking before dinner.

Aug. 22, 2017
The Pastors’ Wives Conference continued this morning with Bonnie leading the discussion of their first day in the study of the Gospel of John. It was a lively discussion. Mary Kabaru again translated for Bonnie. Then, in the late afternoon, Charles relieved Mary as a translator – they permitted him this brief time to enter their circle.

For dinner, the cooking team prepared ugali, seasoned beef, mash potatoes, spinach, fried cabbage with carrots, and fresh onions.

Charles was the translator for the afternoon session 
with the topic focusing on the Gospel of John.

Water For A Dry Land!

Aug. 22, 2017
Floyd, Bernard and Charles met with the Kieni West Sub-County Water Officer David, Chairman of the Gataragwa Water District Stephen Kibichi, and former Chairman of the Water District John to finalize a partnership to provide water to the Lamuria area, especially the very vulnerable.

This partnership is an outcome of hosting local elders to discuss community issues with Bernard, Charles, Robert, Floyd, Bonnie, Bill Kenny and Tom Menefee. The meeting was featured in Facebook and blog posts in early April of this year.

The first phase of the project will be to construct a 225 m3 water tank. Following its completion and it becoming operational, the second phase will begin with the construction of a second tank. The Water District has provided infrastructure and the county government drilled a borehole to supply water, all of which was brought online in March 2017.

The area is semi-arid and has suffered the effects of drought for the past few years. The beauty of the partners working together is that when the first tank is finished, there will be an immediate impact upon the Lamuria community.

Everyone was very excited as we toured the area. There is a long range plan for another water tank or borehole not far from Bernard and Mary’s home. This would provide water for an area where there is no water source.

While we were at the sight of the first tank, three ladies were at a “community water spigot” getting water in containers to carry to their home. We had met one of the ladies at Birisha Baptist Church on Sunday.

Praise God for bringing together people with a vision for how to provide this needed resource and for partners who are making it possible.

 Charles and John share information 
at the Gatawagra Water Office in Kiawara.

Stephen, John, David, Charles, and the 
borehole manager inspect the borehole, (well) 
generator, and tank at Lamuria.

Bernard, Charles, Stephen, David and John
 visit the site of the first water tank
 to be built in Lamuria.

Three women getting water for the day 
at the local water tap which they then have to carry 
back to their homes.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pastors' Wives Conference Under Way!

Monday, Aug. 21, 2017

We rose with the sun this morning for the first day of the Pastors’ Wives training workshops.

Bonnie and Kim joined Mary Kabaru, Ann, Arribiah, Beatrice, Mary, Irene, Jane, Joyce, Leah and Mary. Bernard, James, James, and Samuel took on the kitchen duties with the help of Juliet – they did a great job.

These women have an inspiring commitment. You can see from the pictures how special these women are.

Pray for Bonnie and Kim this week as they lead the workshops. Pray, too, that the women will continue to seek God’s will as they grow into the leaders He created them to be.

Joyce and Bonnie spend time catching up.

Irene, Kim and Leah get to know each other.

Bonnie leads a session one Personal Bible 
Study as Mary Kabaru translates.

 Bonnie goes over additional instruction.

Bernard, James, Robert and James had 
'dinner duty' and gladly served the women 
following the day's workshop. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

A Day of Worship and Praise!

Musicians playing cowhide drums and 
a gear "cymbal" lead in praise and worship. 

Sunday, Aug. 20, 2017
Worship at Birisha Baptist Church, a wooden slat church near Bernard and Mary’s house, welcomed Kim, Bonnie and Floyd this morning. This was our first time to worship with them.
The music was “true African” as the pastor said. Cowhide drums, “cymbal,” and a lot of dancing and joy helped create such a powerful time of worship as Bonnie brought greetings to the church from our Hungarian, Romanian and Roma (Gypsy) sisters and churches, the Tanzanian women, and from family and churches from the United States.
Kim shared her life in Jesus Christ and greetings. Floyd brought the message. The church provided a “true Kenyan meal” of lentils with beef, lentils, chapatti and watermelon. All topped off with a full cup of chai.

The pastor’s wives started arriving for their week of workshops and training with Bonnie and Kim at Bernard and Mary’s house. This is the fulfillment of the vision of hosting groups for training and fellowship. 
The eight women and two babies arrived in the afternoon. They met late into the night catching up with each other and Bonnie and getting to know Kim. This week’s topics are “How to Study the Bible for Personal Growth” and “The Gospel of John.” Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill these sessions and continue to guide these women as they serve Him.

 Kim and Bonnie bring greetings to members 
of the Birisha Baptist Church.

 James shares his testimony with the church.

 Floyd delivers the message during the service.

 Teens in the Birisha youth group 
share a song in the service.

Members of the Birisha Baptist Church have
 faithfully been working to construct their 
building for five years.

 Bonnie and Kim gather with the Kieni West 
Pastors' Wives as they arrived for the workshops.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Mountain Top Day!

The first full day on August 18 began with Bonnie, Kim and Floyd getting to see a beautiful sunrise over Mt. Kenya as they awoke in Bernard and Mary Kabaru's home.

We had an awesome time celebrating with Pastor Stephen and his wife, Ann, and their children, Peace, Favour and Patience. We were joined by Bernard, Robert and John.

We visited four OVC families (Orphan and Vulnerable Children) in Bellavue, Kenya. The first family was grandparents who have raised eight grandchildren, now with two teenagers. They have a kitchen garden, goats and chickens through the help of Life Empowerment for Transformation (LEFTI), and the guidance of Robert and Bernard.

The second family was a single father raising his three children. The third family was a grandmother who has a granddaughter in college. The grandmother has kitchen garden that now produces enough for her to sell some produce, chickens and a goat. She is an amazing woman who has stolen our hearts.

The fourth family was an aunt who is taking care of a niece with disabilities and a nephew. LEFTI has helped with physical therapy, care, a special diet and other physical needs.

All of these visits were a mountain-top experience for the heart and mind. We praise God for His blessings and for the support provided to sustain the OVC and LEFTI programs.

 Visiting the home of the first family in the 
OVC program and assisted through the LEFTI.

The grandmother expresses her thanks and love
to Kim as they share in how God has provided.

One of the sons of the second family gives
 the group a tour of the family's home and garden.

 The group makes their way through
the garden of the third family.

 Bernard and Patience take time to feed the goat.

Making preparations for a meal 
of chicken (under the wooden crate) and 
vegetables from the garden at the home 
of the third family.

Ann and Stephen present gifts to Kim and the 
Teleios Team during a stopover at their new home.

We Have Arrived!

Early morning of August 17... Bonnie, Kim and Floyd just arrived at Nairobi airport with delays and vacationing bags. We met Robert and Duncan at 12:30 a.m. today. GREAT trip – Kim is an awesome first-time world traveler!

Teleios Team Is On Their Way!

And they're off! On Aug. 16, the Teleios Team of Floyd and Bonnie Parker and Kim Darnell, Nashville Chaplain for Kenny Pipe, headed to Amsterdam then on to Nairobi, Kenya. They'll hit the ground running as plans have them traveling to Nyeri, Bellevue Church, Kieni West and Limuru. Over the next two weeks, the team will work with our partners in the OVC Program, Women's Conference, LCI Business Roundtable, Lamuria water project opportunity, as well as worship services. Please pray for safety as they travel and that God will be glorified in all that they do.

Bonnie and Kim are all smiles as they prepare 
to board for the trip!