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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday: The Gifts of God on the Last Day in Tanzania

Bonnie and Floyd traveled with Mpeli and Neema to Ilembo. The worship team joined us there for the last day of the conference. There were a lot of people at the conference today.  Twenty-two pastors and wives participated in the conference along with choir members, and other church members.  The people were really engaged today in the teaching and worship. Thec red shirt Church choir sanf about loving each other.  After the conference they presented Bonnie with a rice basket for cleaning rice and "hot" bowl basket. I, Floyd, was given a live chicken to take back with me.  After leaving the area, I was able to bless Chapa with a gift of the live chicken.
Bonnie tried carrying her new bowl on her head--like the other women. She walked all the way from the car to our room. The basket didn't fall.  She proudly proclaimed next a 5 gallon bucket of water or a bundle of sticks—maybe. 

Tomorrow morning we fly to Dar Es Salaam and then in the afternoon we fly to Nairobi to meet the Kabaru Family for a few days. We will try to keep you posted. Thank you for your prayers

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday: The Bush and The Celebrations

Bonnie and I had a true adventure today.   With Mpeli and Neema, we drove to the next conference site we thought.   The conference was suppose to be in the mountains southeast of Mbeya, Tanzania.  The local pastor in charge of the arrangements decided to change locations.  Only problem, Mpeli found out after we left Mbeya headed for the conference.    The only issue is that the new location was really in the bush.   We drove on a path that was supposed to be a road.    Because of heavy rains, the road was slick, black mud.   We thank God for 4 wheel drive. 
Sadiki, Raymond, and Chapa led the worship and singing.   Pawdre translated for Bonnie and Mpeli translated for me. 

When we got to the conference site, the church was packed.   We had a great time with the people.   Just a few things about today that was unique and most do not have pictures. Please understand that I am not being negative.   The people were great.   But, even these things were “new” to Mpeli and Neema.   Even Neema called this “the bush”. 
1.  The “toilet” was constructed in such a way that Sadiki and Mpeli did not want Bonnie and Neema to use it for fear they would fall through the wooden floor slats.    I decided not to take a picture because the spaces between the slats were such that the camera or my phone could fall into the sewage pit.   I know this is too much information.   Bonnie and Neema did find an alternative safe bathroom.
2.  Before lunch it started to rain again.  It rained so hard that Bonnie and Pawdre had to stop teaching because no one could hear them for the rain.   For Tanzania, it was cold.   People were wrapped in blankets, sweaters, and parkas. 
3. The ladies prepared us lunch.  We deeply appreciate their efforts.   The meat was chicken.  The chicken was so tough that Bonnie literally could not bite into it.   I was determined to eat that chicken.  I bit into a chicken leg and pulled it away from me.   All of a sudden my teeth cut one side of the meat but the other side held tight.   The chicken leg flew back and hit me in the face.   Of course, this was hilarious to Bonnie and Neema.    After I finished my piece of chicken and Bonnie’s, I learned that Mpeli, Pawdre, Sadiki, and Neema did not eat their chicken because it was too tough.   I am proud to say that no chicken is going to make me quit—give up. 
4. Last but not least, just in case you question how much in the bush.   The villagers had spotted a lion in the area.   I am not sure but we were not far from the Malawi border. 
After we returned to Mbeya area, we met Agrey and Chris (two Daily Bread Life college students at their college near Mbeya).   We enjoyed seeing them and giving them tools for their practical training and projects in Automobile repair and Electronics.   They are doing great.   When we see them and remember April 2006 when they came to DBLCH, we rejoice at what God has done in their lives and ours. 

We ended the night by eating out at a restaurant of Neema’s choosing in Mbeya to celebrate Neema’s birthday.    We had a blast just laughing and enjoying the evening. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday: Family Day

Doreen was so excited to see Neema and Mpeli this morning as we visited her at Grace College, Mbeya.   Doreen was one of the first orphans to come to Daily Bread Life Children's Home.  Now she is in her first two weeks of college studying Business Administration and Computer Science.    She was so happy to see Neema.  

We traveled to Tukuyu to visit Rev. Harry Mwansjala.  Neema's four other sisters were there.   Since Harry  has adopted Bonnie as his own, there are now six sisters.   In the photo below the are Christina, Sarah, Jane, Tumani, Bonnie, and Neema.   

Bonnie, Harry, and Floyd walked the property that Harry has given to Bonnie.   The property now has banana trees, alvocado trees, corn, peanuts, and native nut tree.   
We also visited Mpeli's mohter's tombac/monument on our way back to Mbeya.   

Monday: Makwala Conference: Dancing, Teaching, and Hot/Humid

We were greeted on our last morning at Mtemba Beach with two surprises.   We saw the fisherman drawing in their nets.  They were paddling dug out canoes.    The second was a monkey who decided to entertain why we had our morning coffee.   I think that he smelled the bananas. We packed up and headed for the church and after conference, Mbeya.  

Bonnie taught on roles and expectations in the church especially for women.   She also spoke in the afternoon drawing together all the sessions using the Biblical story of  Esther.

Floyd continued teaching on Stewardship of our lives focusing on trust, confidence, and blessing.  It was very hot and humid.   

As the conferenbce was closing, Bonnie was given a beautiful kitange and Floyd was given a shirt.   The amazing gift was as we were leaving the pastor's wife gave Bonnie a live chicken--who road with us in the Nissan.  

We also met with Pastor Ephraim regarding the dream of a nursery school.    We are praying with him on it's starting this year.  

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lightening was flashing all night and Sunday morning began with rain.  The amazing thing was seeing the fisherman out of lake late at night with their lanterns shining.   It looked like a city on the lake. 

Today we began the conference at Makwale Baptist Church, Kyela.  for the area churches.   Pastors and people from other denominations and churches joined with us.   This was a great day of praise, worship, and learning.   Floyd taught the men/pastors on stewardship (God entrusting us with everything in life).   Bonnie taught the women being women of prayer and God’s expectation of them.   Many people came for regular Sunday worship, so, Floyd preached (Mpeli translated) on living out your calling in unity from Eph. 4:1-6.     

We were joined in the conference by our favorite worship leaders:  Ephraim, Chapa, and Raymond.   Sadiki was the overall worship leader for the conference.   The choirs from the church also led in worship.   Oh, how we danced all day.   Kyela is very humid and hot and with the rain was extremely humid.   Everyone was sweating from the dancing and singing. 

After lunch, Bonnie taught on what it means to be a Godly woman—she kept emphasizing that most of the teaching applied to the men as well.  Her teaching was very much appreciated as well as challenging to the group.  

Tomorrow will be our last day at this church area.   We travel to Mbeya immediately after the conference ends. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday: Heading in Different Directions, Flying Home, and at the Beach

This morning at 5:30 AM Alex and Tony left for Dar Es Salaam with Maka and Roy driving.  The made a quick eight hour trip that included breakfast.  In Dar, they got a shower, a little rest, had dinner, and headed for the airport. 
Our friends helped them through check-in and through immigration.   Now they are waiting to board the Swiss Air and begin their flight home.   All goes well and they arrive home tomorrow afternoon in Jacksonville, FL.   Alex and Tony were a great part of the team.   So much was accomplished in relationships and in work.   Baby Room windows changed, Derrick Dorm windows changed, Baby Room painted, basketball and volleyball at Bread of Life Secondary School, lots of candy eaten, Frisbees thrown, and music played.  
Already we are looking forward to the next team coming to serve with Daily Bread Life Children’s Home and its ministries.  

As usual, Bonnie and Floyd remained behind with Mpeli and Neema to provide a week of conferences in areas that have invited us.  We left for Kyela (Mbeya/Tukuyu) at 10 AM after a planned departure of 9 AM.   Don’t tell Tony and Alex!   Yes, we also had a eight hour drive to Mtemba Beach on Lake Malawi.   Our first conference is 20 minutes away.   Three years ago we promised a pastor in the area that we would come.  Tomorrow we fulfill our commitment. 
Mtemba Beach is beautiful beach on this very deep lake between Tanzania and Malawi.  The fisherman still use dug out boats to fish.  Most of their fishing is at night.  You can see the laterns out in the distance at night.  

I included a picture of the river leading to Mtemba and the bridge that Mpeli stopped on for Bonnie to make a picture of the river.  This area is rich in cocoa—we love chocolate.  Also, they make palm oil locally.  I included a local “Palm oil factory”.    

We enjoy a great cup of coffee looking at the lake and then a nice fresh fish dinner.    Tomorrow our teaching begins.   Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.   One day, I hope that you will join Mpeli and Neema in pursuing their dream.  A new part is that Mpeli and Neema are helping others realize their God-given dream.  

Cocoa Plant with Cocoa pod hanging near top

Garry Freeman will appreciate this