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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Last Days: Celebrating all the way home

As you read this Bonnie is over the Atlantic and Anna, Katie, and Sarah are over Germany. All are on their way home. Pray that they will all arrive home tonight as scheduled.

Monday was a relaxing day. For the first time, no schedule just "free time". The group went outside the city of Reghin and had a picnic. Looks more like a feast. Ludai was the chef. Look at Attila's plate--mic, pork, wings--all meat with just a few fries. They had a great time. Ludai is practicing for the next Gypsy women's conference to be held at Apalina.

Monday night it was a visit to Istvan and Dora's house. This is also Isti and Zozo's home (they are Istvan and Dora's Sons.) At the back of the house, Lala and Esther have their rooms. They are also used for the Monday night worship in the Gornesti Gypsy community (although Hungarians attend also). The team could not resist the picture of Lala, Esther, and Miriam (Lala and Esther had the first "Christian" wedding here.).

Tuesday was off to Budapest from the Tirgu Mures International Airport. For the first time, NO Problems--those of you who have flown out know this is a first. The got to Budapest and Bonnie called for the hotel shuttle. She got a "fax"--phones ring differently in Hungary. So, Floyd called from the USA to Hungary to have the shuttle pick them up.

They headed downtown was in Buda or Pest. Anyway, the city was beautiful and they enjoyed a great meal on the Danube. Back to the hotel, the last headlice check, goodbyes, and off to bed.

Thank you for your prayers throughout the three weeks. They have been a great source of encouragement, strength, and support.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday: Worship and Riding

Sunday is always a special time to be with Attila, Adel, and all the people of the churches and missions. Anna, Katie, Sarah, and Paul went to Gornesti. Bonnie and Attila were in Reghin. Bonnie and Attila went to Filpisu Mic to our three faithful believers there.

The evening service was the first one for Apalina. What a great worship service celebrating our awesome God. Anna, Katie, Paul, and Sarah sang at the service. You can follow this You Tube link for the video:

A lot of interesting things happened after worship. Sarah demonstrated that she is a real Texas cowgirl. She jumped up on Ludai's horse (skirt and all) and rode. YeeeHaaa!

Then, the team went for a ride in a Gypsy wagon -- not "the" Gypsy Wagon -- but, a Gypsy wagon. Bonnie does not know who enjoyed it more her riding or Ludai getting to watch the Americans in a Gypsy wagon. So, much fun being with the believers in Apalina.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Anna, Bonnie, Katie, Paul, and Sarah got a surprise when they got back to Reghin. After lunch, Attila took them and Zozo to see the Apalina church. Or, as Bonnie calls it, the cathedral.

One year ago, there was no church. We were just getting the property. There was no approval to build a church. God is an awesome God. He makes the impossible a reality.

If you want to follow the story, go to and read the archived newsletters that detail the story.

While they were at the building, church members and people from the community kept coming by. Attila and the group just began to sing. Soon, there were over 40 people there. Attila took the opportunity to share the Gospel with them and thank God for His providing the cathedral.

Saturday: Camp Ends and Back to Reghin

The team worked hard during the night and in the morning to get everything ready to go. Before the bus arrived, everyone was together to pray thanking God for the camp and asking for a safe journey home to Glodeni, Gornesti, and Reghin.

The bus arrived and everyone was heading home at 11 a.m. The bus was smaller than before. This meant there was some doubling up, a loaded down Gypsy Wagon, and holding stuff or people in your lap.

Paul drove the Gypsy Wagon. Everyone was smiling and ready to hit the road. Wait, is that really a smile on Sarah's face or a nervous "help" smile. You have to love the close-ups that show reality.

The team was back in Reghin by mid-afternoon -- no problems coming home. The night ended with a GREAT PIZZA CELEBRATION. What is that look on Katie's face. Oh, that's a typical Katie look when she and Attila are harassing each other.

The final blog of 2011 on the Apalina and Goldeni Gypsy Children's Camps.

The team will be in Reghin until Tuesday. So, I will keep you posted by blog on what's happening until they get back to the USA.

Friday: Amazing Day of Drama and Fire

Warning: There are a lot of pictures for today. Today was Jonah and the Whale. For the two-fold drama at night, the children are preparing for Jonah and the Whale and Daniel in the Lions Den!

Creative time today used the modeling clay again. You can see the creative work of the children on the table.

This is the full view of the boats as they are being prepared to take home on the bus.

The craft for today was caps. The children designed and painted their own caps. They really look great and the children were so excited.

Two great events ended the last day of camp. The first was the drama. Anna and Paul put together the dramas. The children loved getting painted up as lions for the Daniel story. The young ladies with the blue on their faces are the fish in the sea for the Jonah story. The closing scene was of Jonah praying. The dramas were a lot of fun, but they also had a real impact upon the children.

The last night of camp is bonfire night. Look at that bonfire. It started out as an average Hungarian bonfire, but soon, the children are on the hill to avoid the raging furnace. The fire could have been used to play another Daniel story. Just a little hot. As the night went on, Zozo led them in singing Gypsy songs. The day and last night of camp ended in celebration of all God had done this week.