Teleios Ministry

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Celebration of the Opening of Birisha Baptist Church, Kenya

Today, Bonnie, Mary, Bernard and I participated in a great time of worship and celebration with the Birisha Baptist Church in the dedication of their new church.  The history of the church provides a read window into the dedication of the church and God’s timing of bringing His people together to accomplish His purpose.
The Birisha Baptist Church began as a fellowship of believers in Lamuria known as the Bush Tree Church since they met under a tree in the bush between 1986-87.  Beginning in the early 1990’s the church began planting other churches in the area.   Members were coming from as far away as 20 kilometers to worship.   Over the next 10 years four other churches were planted Rundama, New City, Ngobit, and Ruirii.   As the church grew, members who walked 12-20 kilometers became the foundation of these new churches.   Each of these churches have places of worship. 
Then in 2007, the church had a dream of building their own permanent sanctuary.   In 2009, they held their first fund raising.  In 2012, they broke ground on a new sanctuary with 27 members helping to dig the foundation.   Over the next five years, every year they would hold a fund raising and add a few more blocks.   In August 2017, they held their annual fund raising, through LEFTI (Life Empowerment for Transformation) led by Bernard Kabaru Mwangi, Teleios Ministry partners became aware of the needs of the church.   Bill and Debbie Kenny assisted the church through LEFTI with windows, doors, roof, and floor.   The 10 year old dream was realized. 
Today, the ribbon was cut and the congregation entered the building to Worship the Lord today.   This was a great day of celebration—today marked the beginning of a new phase in the growth of Birisha.   Bonnie and I had the great blessing of cutting the ribbon on behalf of all our partners to open the church.