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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Home in Reghin with Attila, Adel, Kaleb, and Paul

Bonnie and I had an uneventful flight over which means a great flight.  When we boarded the plan from Washington to Munich, Bonnie said, "I hear Cooper (our granddog)."   Then, we turned around and behind him us was a dog in a carrier very similar to Cooper--Not same breed, nor nearly is smart, nor as good looking, but similar looking.   The dog barked.   That was the big event of the flights.   We met Elisabeth Vekas, Jozsef and Agnes Kovacs, and Paul Crook at the Cluj airport.    We visited with Elisabeth and the Kovacs--then off to Reghin with Paul. .  

Tomorrow, lawyers, immigrations, food purchasing for Saturday's women's conference, and a little shopping,  Pictures start tomorrow.