Teleios Ministry

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Saturday and Sunday: Lake Naivasha and James

Our very close friend Robert, who calls us his second parents, picked us up from the airport in Nairobi. It took over two hours to get from there to the Kentmere. The Friday afternoon traffic was terrible. We had a good talk as we made our way so it helped break up the time.

He dropped us off and headed back to Muchatha. Lucy his wife was there working and he went to Bernard's house to get Floyd's Kenyan clothes. He and Lucy came by just as we were preparing to order dinner. We asked them to join us. What a pleasant time we had visiting. Robert shared how two times he was so discouraged he doubted his call. Both times on the day he was the most "down" Bernard showed up and passed along messages and monetary gifts from us. He said he needed to tell us how the Holy Spirit had used us in his life spurring him forward. He and Lucy spoke of how those times of struggle drew them closer to the Lord and increase their faith knowing God would take care of them. Robert share how he knows God's hand is molding him in helping develop people to be who God has created and called them to be.  It was emotional for us as he thanked us and spoke of how Michal and friends she called on had paid for his university degree which has prepared him for his calling. Lucy shared how it was Robert's preaching in a tent revival that the Holy Spirit convicted her and saved her.  She then with lots of humor shared how they fell in love and how Robert proposed to her.  It was delightful spending the evening with the two of them
We had a goodnight's sleep. In the morning Bernard and Robert came and for a planning meeting with us to set details for 2015 and 2016. It was a very productive morning.

At noon we called it quits, picked up Mary, Shirley, and Carole. Lucy was helping a close friend move and could not join us for our afternoon of family vacation and retreat. We traveled up to Lake Naivasha.  We ate at Lake Naivasha Country Club. It was a setting like Eden. Zebra, water bucks, Colobus monkeys mermot monkeys, camels, and wildebeest wandered the grounds which were covered with every shade of bougainvillea. There were all kinds of trees and we sat outside with a great view of the lake. After much food and laughter we went in a boat out on the lake. I will let the pictures speak for the outing. Suffice it to say the young people were a little anxious! After a very relaxing day, we made our trip back “home". We were late getting back due to a massive traffic jam on the narrow mountain road....tired but filled with wonder at our Heavenly Father's awesome creation and His love and generosity!

A special picture from Sunday, Bonnie with James.  James has been special to us since we first met him around 2007.   ACTS Fellowship, Greenville, SC, as a Teleios Partner and Koinonia Baptist Church provided him a home, an education, and a “family”.   We are so proud of James.   He has training as a carpenter and is currently working toward a commercial driving license.   James is a faithful servant of the Lord serving with Koinonia.