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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday: We are at home in Satu Mare

This morning, we packed up our stuff.   Gyula's brother, Imre and family also packed up their stuff.  We all headed left Brasov this morning.   Gyula and Marta were our very first contacts in Romania.   I still remember receiving a call from Bonnie when she was staying with the Borzasi family for the first time in August 1999.   She said, "I have found someone that I believe Teleios Ministry is suppose to partner with."   I first met Gyula and Marta in May 2000 at his mother's funeral in Ipp, Romania (also met his brother, Irme, at that time).   We stayed in their home a few days later. 

Bonnie and I enjoyed being with them again.  Marta rode with us to Targu Mures to see her youngest son, Peter.   Margaret Robinson also sent some boxes for use in Gypsy (Roma) ministry in a nearby village to Peter.   Bonnie and I had not Peter since he was married to Krista last July.  

From Targu Mures, we headed northwest to meet Paul Crook.   Someone had left their suit (Dress clothes in Reghin).  Paul had taken Leesburg Community Church mission partners to the Cluj airport to return home after a week of youth camp.    After a brief visit with Paul we head to Cluj on our way to Satu Mare.   We arrived in Satu Mare at 7 PM tonight.  

Elizabeth and Blanka Vekas were waiting on us.   We were glad to be back in the Vekas home and to be in Satu Mare.   The Vekas home was were I spent my first night in Romania thirteen years ago.   It has been a home away from home ever since.   Tomorrow morning, we will join Barna Kovacs and travel to Acas Roma Baptist Church, Acas, Romania.   Sunday afternoon, Bonnie and I will be in Satu Mare Hungarian Baptist Church.   We promise to get some pictures for all of you who have worshipped with the Acas and Satu Mare churches over the years.    Barna and Judith Kovacs will lead a team from Satu Mare to provide a camp for 35 children from Acas and Tiream churches.   They leave Sunday for camp.   Bonnie, Elizabeth, and I will be with them on Tuesday.   Teleios Ministry is one of the sponsors of the camp.   For the children from Tiream this will be their first time at a camp.   Please remember the camp in your prayers.   Thank you for your support of the camp through your prayers and financial support.  

A Week in Review: Marta's Lamb, Kidney Stones, and Great Time

I know that it has been a week without posting.   So here is our week in review.   Last Saturday we just relaxed, played with Kaleb, and washed some clothes.  On Sunday, the usual four services in Gornesti, Filipsu Mic, Reghin, and Apalina.   Each worship time is unique.  Zoltan Dohi was our “translator” for the day.   Lunch was unbelievable—always is with the Kalanyos family.   Istvan and Dora (Zozo and Isti’s parents)  invited us for lunch: grilled chicken, chicken snitzel, mici, and grilled pork.  Dora makes an outstandingly delicious soup.   They were assisted by Ester (daughter in law, Lala’s wife) and Anniko (daughter).  We had a great time and they all send their love and greetings.  They also thank you for your kindness to Isti and Zozo in April.    We said, “Goodbye to Zoli, Abigail, and the children.”  

Monday morning, we set our faces toward Brasov.   We dropped Adel and Kaleb off at Harghita Camp.   In the afternoon, we arrived at Otto and Elisabeth Kis apartment.   The afternoon was spent going over their work and future plans.   In the evening we headed to Gyula, Marta, David, and Kinga Borzasi’s house to stay.   Margaret Robinson, Mission to Europe, a great friend and mission’s hero going back to the communist days was with the Borzasi family.   Great to spend time with Margaret.  Mission to Europe is heavily involved in work with the special needs families, disabilities work, and the poor. 
Tuesday was Kidney Stone day.   Otto, Elisabeth, Benjamin, Rhode, Bonnie, and I had a big day of a picnic, fishing, playing, and resting.   When we arrived at Otto and Elisabeth’s, Otto was not feeling well but Elisabeth had given him some medicine.   Otto insisted we go on with our plans inspite of our objections.   We traveled to a nice lake with a forest nearby where we set up for our picnic in the trees.  The van was unloaded, the grill set up, fire made, and play started.   Next thing, Otto is really sick—I mean really sick.   I had started cooking on the grill because Otto could not help.   About the time, the picnic was ready,  Otto and Elisabeth were calling “911” for an ambulance to come to get Otto.  We packed up the picnic after a view bites.   To make matters really interesting it started to rain—hard.   The rain was brief but made packing a lot quicker and less orderly.   With Otto in the back seat of the van, we headed out of the forest.   The ambulance met us on the road—Otto was transferred and off we went to the nearby hospital.   Bonnie, Benjamin, Rhode, and I were left in the parking lot.   So, we broke out the picnic.   Then, came American football, soccer, and other games.   The four of us had a great time with our parking lot picnic.  Oh, another major rain came to drive us inside the van.  But it did not spoil our picnic.   We went home.  Last time we were with Otto and Elisabeth, Benjamin got the chicken pox.  Now, Otto has kidney stones.  We told them next trip, “Watch out Elisabeth and Rhode.” 
Wednesday was feast day at the Borzasi house.   First, we went to visit a medieval castle- The Fortified Saxon Evangelical Church of Prejmer.   This was really a neat place.   Not enough room here to explain it all but really was fanatastic.   The structures go back to the 1200’s with the final castle and church complete in the 1500’s.  
Marta had made her famous, Roasted Lamb, for lunch with Lamb soup.  I am in heaven.  Pictures are shown.   So far, I have had Roasted lamb for Wednesday lunch, Thursday breakfast, Friday breakfast and I hope Saturday breakfast.    Marta is too good to me in preparing the lamb.  
Wednesday evening, Kinga prepared dinner for all of us(they live in the downstairs level of the Borzasi home).   We had baked Salmon, corn on the cob, delicious salad, and Garlic bread—outstanding.   To top it all off, we had homemade brownies covered with a cream icing and fresh raspberries.   I also enjoyed them for breakfast.   Yes, in Sacele and Brasov, Bonnie and I dined for a week. 
Thursday was a relaxing day-catching up on work from the States and visiting.  Thursday lunch, Margaret treated us all to dinner in the old city of Brasov—what can I say delicious.   Thursday night, I spoke at the Brasov church.   Bonnie and I had dinner with Zolt, Evodia, and Peter Deak (pastor’s family).   We met them through teaching Zolt at seminary.  Then, discovered that Evodia is the sister of a friend in Toronto, Canada.   He is now pastor of the Brasov Hungarian Baptist Church.   She had another very delicious meal.  Peter spent the evening entertaining Bonnie and I.  We loved it.   Please remember to pray for the Deak family as they serve. 
Friday was our last full day.   We spend the morning visiting with Marta, Gyula, and Margaret.   Gyula’s brother, Imre and his family came in, so we met them.   Friday night was a Couples dinner (13 couples and one wife whose husband had to work).   We had a great time with the couples talking about marriage, playing a game, and building relationships.   Two years ago, we helped launched this couples ministry in Sacele and Brasov.   Great to see all that God is doing in the lives of these couples.   

Hugs, kisses, and saying goodbye to our Sacele family came next.   We are so proud of Otto and Elisabeth in their ministry.   They are doing a great work in the area.   More on that to follow.
Saturday morning , we head to Satu Mare to be with the Vekas family and friends.   We will drop by Targu Mures to see Peter Borzasi, pick up some clothes that I left in Reghin and head out to Satu Mare.  Long drive and long day ahead of us.   Wonder what we will eat along the way. 



Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday: Going Home

Everyone woke up early and got to work getting the bus packed to go home.   Beds stripped of sheets, rooms swept and cleaned, sandwiches made for the trip.   Breakfast was served on the bus.   The campers carried most of the things to the bus. 

Each camper received all the things that they had made during the week in the back pack they made at the beginning of camp.   Zoli (Zoltan Dohi) gave all the children some medicine for travel sickness.  Most of the children have not ridden on the bus or long distances.  There is a lot of motion sickness usually.   The campers also received some "gifts and goodies" for the trip and later.  

We ended with prayer and singing.   Words do not adequately express the impact of this camp on the campers and staff.   Thank you does not seem adequate for all you who have prayed, given, and encouraged so this camp could take place.  Life changing is an understatement.   Relationships are formed that will continue to years to come.   Most of all, the relationship with God in Jesus Christ through His Spirit is begun, planted, and/or encouraged.  

Serving this year in both camps were: Paul, Katie, Emi, Adel Nagy, Jeno, AnnaMarie, Bonnie and Floyd.   In week one, Zozo, Adel and Kaleb Toth.  Attila Toth was Camp 1 leader.  Serving in Week 2 were: Szidi, Attila, and Robby.   Zoltan Dohi was Camp 2 leader.   What a blessing they all were in serving the campers and each other in Christ's love and name.   See you next year!

Friday: Water Balloons, a Wicked King, and the Last Day

I am wonder if there could be a better last day.   We all had the best time.   The children were excited and we were able to do everything that we wanted to do (well, we could not have a camp fire because of a burning band in the area--in the end no one cared.)   

Today story was on Anna praising God when she saw Mary and Joseph with Jesus on his first trip to the temple just days after his birth.   The emphasis of the story was on prayer and God's promises.   We can share God's story of redemption in Jesus.   During the small group time and creative time the children decided that they wanted to do skits.   The skits were the best.  

For games or recreation time, it was water balloon day.    Bonnie and I prepared over 200 water balloons for the occasion.   We played three games.   Over and under with water balloons.  Amazing that one team used only one water balloon.   Next, we played water balloon carry using trays.  A lot of balloons burst during this game series.   I loved the intensity and joy that was displayed during the game.   They were intense and so excited when they did not burst a balloon.   The last game was a water balloon volleyball using sheets.    A team holds the sheet and has to serve the water balloon to the other team using the sheet.   The other team catches the water balloon with the sheet.   The teams were very good and this took longer than expected because they were so good at catching the water balloons.   After lunch, we had water balloon war.    Each participant, camper and staff got a water balloon to throw at anyone they wanted to "soak".   When the whistle blew water balloons were flying everywhere.  We all had a great wet time.   I caught a direct hit in the back. 

In the afternoon, we all went swimming.   Then rotation time came.  A snack of ice cream--a local shop gave us a great deal on ice cream cones.   We were very appreciative.    The camp has two couples who cook and keep the camp up.  The two men set up the inflatable, jumping "dragon" for the campers--well, and staff.   Great end to our games, activities for the week. 

All throughout the day we were packing up the camp as we enjoyed our last day.   The bus arrived for our Saturday morning departure about 9 PM. 

We finished with skits and evening worship.  I cannot remember a more entertaining skit than the yellow team did this time.   A king who was very mean was led to repentance and a real change in how he treated his subjects by a mother who fasted and prayed.  However, the skit was so funny.   You should have seen the "Dancing Gypsies" who entertained.   One of the staff, Robby, put on "horse ears" and provided the king with a ride.   Also, the Red team had a great skit about our bible story.   However, it was funny too because one of the smaller, thin boys was wrapped up in a blanket and carried by "Joseph".    The Blue also did a very good play but with not the humor or originality of the others. 

We went inside for the closing time of worship and celebration.  Yellow team won the week long competition combining skits, games, and other activities.   Attila of Glodeni's boys room won cleanest room of the week.  Szidi of Gornesti girls room won cleanest girls room of the week.   Each group presented a song that they had learned during rotation.  

The week was concluded with evening worship.   Jeno of Gornesti led the singing as he had all week doing a great job (he was accompanied and assisted by Paul Crook of Reghin).   Floyd had spoke during the week on "Not where you come from, it's who you follow."   Zoli led the children in a time of personal prayer and a closing prayer.   

Hard to believe that Saturday morning is already here and it's time to say goodbye.   This has been a blessed week of camp. 



Friday, July 19, 2013


We woke up early on Thursday morning and had an early breakfast.   We left the camp around 8:30 and started on our hike—a four hour hike.  Soon we were climbing steep terrarin.   The children were really into it.   Climbing without too much complaining.
The weather was perfect.  The mountains are covered in older growth trees.  Not a lot of sun and as we got higher it was pretty cool temperatures with some wind.  We got water at a spring not far off the trail.  About two and half hours into the hike, we stopped for the group Bible story, learn the memory verse, and sing a few songs.  We had brought a snack of some really good cookies.   After a rest, we started again up the mountain.  

A little after 12 noon we reached our destination.  The “Refuge” is a stop over building on the mountain trail.  You can get food, drinks, even sleep over night there.   There is a nice spring for water.  Everyone was a little tired from a three hour hike.   The views were incredible. I think we were around 5000 feet up.   The children played, the adults rested, and mostly just talked and looked.  You discover why they call it the “refuge.” 
Going down was a little faster than going up.  But, not much faster.   We arrived back at the camp a little after 4 PM.   Zoli said that we had hiked over 10 kilometers on way.   So 6.5 miles there and 6.5 miles back.    This was a hike.   We had lunch around 4:30.   Then, rotation began.  After rotation the girls were went to river to bathe and the boys played ball.  
For supper we had a special treat of Mici for the children.   Everyone was pretty tired at the end of the day.   We had accomplished something hiking to the “refuge” on the mountain.  For evening worship, Attila and Adel gave their testimonies.  Zoli brought a message.   Everyone went right to bed.