Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Bonnie, Anna, and Paul began their journey home at 2 AM in Reghin heading for Cluj for their first leg of their air journey. All went well in Cluj. Thanks for your prayers. In Budapest, Bonnie and Anna said goodbye to Paul. Pray for him as he stays an extra week working at another camp. Bonnie and Anna flew from Budapest to Paris. No problems at all in Paris--according to Bonnie smooth.

The wheels came of the bus in Atlanta or at least on their way to Atlanta. The Delta flight was late. No seats on the remaining three flights to Greenville. This meant an option: Stay over night in Atlanta and fly out the next day or call Floyd for to come pick them up. They choose to call Floyd. A friend in Atlanta, Brian, picked them up at the airport and met Floyd between Atlanta and Greenville. After a drive by the Greenville airport at midnight to check on luggage, Anna and Bonnie arrived home. A real shower, a soft bed, and in the morning a hot cup of real coffee--man this is living.

Luggage was not so fortunate. The luggage that the Delta rep. promised could be picked up in Atlanta last night apparently did not know what she was talking about. Two other Delta reps later told us the opposite. Good news is that the luggage will come today by Delta to Greenville. The luggage spent the night in Atlanta even if Bonnie and Anna did not.

Thank you for your prayers through out the past 18 days. Anna still has the journey back through Atlanta to home in Nashville. Again, thank you for encouragement and support.


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