Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday: Last Day and On Way Home

Sunday was a day of goodbyes. The team visited Gornesti, Reghin, and Apalina. Not sure about Filpisu Mic. They enjoyed two feasts prepared by Adel Toth. In Apalina, they worshiped outside on the property that we pray by next year will be their new home for the church. Attila, Adel and the church are waiting on final government approval to begin construction. The goal is to lay the foundation this summer. Depending on funding and the weather, they hope to finish construction by next spring.

In October, Attila and Adel will be visiting partners in the US as God leads. Please pray for this opportunity for them. Paul did a great job at the camp and in building strong relationships with the people of Gornesti and Apalina. Anna was at home as always.

Just got word that Bonnie, Anna, and Paul had checked their bags in Cluj, Romania headed for Budapest. Paul will remain in Budapest for another week. Bonnie and Anna are on their way home. They are excited that their bags were checked all the way from Cluj to Greenville. They asked your prayers as they go through Budapest at Midnight EST and Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris around 6-7:30 AM EST. Remember Paul in your prayers as he continues ministry in Hungary.

Attila's computer had problems so that they could not send pictures. As soon as they get home, the pictures will start coming. You will be able to check photo albums on the Teleios Ministry Facebook page.

Thank you so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement. Plans have already begun for next year. Corneal and Mimi have already invited the children and team back for next year.


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