Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saturday Sunday: Saying Goodbye and Welcome

After a challenging start to the camp everything has settled down as much as it can. The routine set in with a refreshing shower by midnight and up around 6 AM for the team to start the day preparing breakfast. The Apalina children have exceeded all expectations in how well the camp has gone. Saturday was the last full day for them and they had a great time. The bus arrived mid-day Sunday with a new group of Gypsy children and the Apalina group left. When the Apalina children arrived back at the village, Adel Toth said they were so excited to tell about camp. The children ran off the bus without their things. They just scattered. She had to get them all back for the distribution.

The new group comes from the villages that Zoltan and Abigail Dohi serve. Also, new volunteers to help arrived with this group. Bonnie's good friend, Eddie, the lone follower of Jesus in his village came. These children are much calmer than the Apalina children. Big Surprise! Bonnie and Anna were in bed and showered when they received their regular late night call for an update a little after 11 PM. The camp construction is winding down with last minute details and touches. The team says that it has great pictures. Hopefully by this Sunday, we will get to post some of them.

Bonnie, Anna, and Paul said that they are having to adjust to a less challenging situation. Strange that they now of missing some of the challenge. From their voices, it sounds like they could use a little less challenge. The challenge just might have kept their minds off how tired they were.

Food is great, lots of water, and great times with the children and volunteers. They did say that they were getting rain everyday. Thank you for your continued prayers for the camp.


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